Kay Hooper’s ‘Fear The Dark’ Will Send Chills Up Your Spine [REVIEW]

Creepy house

Dramatic shot of a creepy house. (Photo courtesy Alex, Flickr)

With Fear the Dark, Kay Hooper has written yet another captivating page turner in what is already a long line of thrillers guaranteed to take your breath away.

Fear the Dark


In this installment of the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series, the ordinary citizens of Serenity, Tennessee are vanishing without a trace. What is even stranger is that crime scene photos have been altered and people’s personal belongings are left behind for no apparent reason. No one knows why these things are happening, and even the Chief of Police is grappling for answers.

With the help of a trusted friend, Noah Bishop and his unit of specially trained FBI agents stationed at Quantico start to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Unfortunately, before they can ascertain all the answers, some of Serenity’s residents will die. Hooper’s unique menagerie of characters work tirelessly to discover who the culprit is behind these disappearances.

As readers turn the pages of this new volume in the Bishop chronicles, I’m sure they will agree that Fear the Dark is the most suspenseful, intricate and twisted novel in Hooper’s series yet! My advice: remember to breathe and try not to jump at every little noise that goes bump in the night, because this is one eerie, phenomenal read. Enjoy!

Kay Hooper

Kay Hooper
(Photo by Claudio Marinesco)


Kay Hooper is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series, including Haunted, Hostage, Haven, Blood Ties, Blood Dreams, and Blood Sins, and the Bishop Files series, including A Deadly Web and The First Prophet. She lives in North Carolina.

Visit Kay on her website at kayhooper.com, like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

By Kay Hooper
288 pgs. Berkley. $26.95.

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