Alex Kava’s ‘Silent Creed’ Keeps You In Suspense [REVIEW]

Captain Mark Townsend and K9

Captain Mark Townsend with K9 that sniffed out bombs, was captured by the Taliban and survived a bomb blast.
(Photo courtesy Sally, Flickr)

Former Marine Ryder Creed and his canine companion Bolo share a unique bond that is stronger than many human relationships. In fact, with Silent Creed, author Alex Kava proves once again that dog may not only be man’s best friend, but also his savior. 

G.P. Putnam's Sons

G.P. Putnam’s Sons

In one test after another, the human-canine duo faces numerous outside forces with unmatched bravado. Combine the author’s signature pressure-building moments, a mysterious and shady government facility operating somewhere in North Carolina, and the disappearance of several scientists and you have the ingredients for classic Kava.

In one scene, Kava made my heart palpitate, palms sweat, and sent my mind racing to a very dark place when Ryder is buried alive during a landslide with only Bolo to help him. Her deft descriptions and tight plotting kept me riveted, cheering for the story’s protagonists until the very end.

Readers won’t want to miss Silent Creed, this second thrilling installment in Alex Kava’s electrifying, intriguing Ryder Creed series. The third book, Reckless Creedcan’t arrive on book shelves fast enough!

Alex Kava

Alex Kava (Photo by Deborah Groh Carlin)


Alex Kava is the New York Times-bestselling author of the critically acclaimed Maggie O’Dell series and a new series featuring former Marine, Ryder Creed and his K9 dogs. Her stand-alone novel, One False Move, was chosen for the 2006 One Book One Nebraska and her political thriller, Whitewash, was one of January Magazine’s best thrillers of the year.

Published in over 30 countries, Kava’s novels have made the bestseller lists in the UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Italy and Poland. She is also a co-author of the e-novellas Slices of Night and Storm Season with Erica Spindler and J.T. Ellison. Her novel Stranded was awarded both a Florida Book Award and the Nebraska Book Award.

She is a member of the Nebraska Writers Guild and International Thriller Writers. Kava divides her time between Omaha, Nebraska and Pensacola, Florida.

Visit her online at, follow her on Twitter, or like her on Facebook.

By Alex Kava
336 pgs. G.P. Putnam’s Sons. $26.95.

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