Death Lurks In Plain Sight In Heather Graham’s ‘The Hidden’ [REVIEW]


Terror runs free in Heather Graham’s THE HIDDEN. (Photo by Marcelo Braga, Flickr)

When a couple is found brutally murdered at a Colorado bed and breakfast, the deaths are eerily similar to an unsolved case that happened nearly 150 years before on that very spot. What is the connection between the new crime and the cold case? And will investigators be able to find out the truth before the killer strikes again? Death lurks in plain sight in Heather Graham’s latest thrill ride, The Hidden.  Read more of this post

Kay Hooper’s ‘Fear The Dark’ Will Send Chills Up Your Spine [REVIEW]

Creepy house

Dramatic shot of a creepy house. (Photo courtesy Alex, Flickr)

With Fear the Dark, Kay Hooper has written yet another captivating page turner in what is already a long line of thrillers guaranteed to take your breath away. Read more of this post