Don’t ‘Wait for Dark’ to Read Kay Hooper’s Latest Thriller [REVIEW]

Bloody hand

The body count is steadily rising in a small North Carolina town in Kay Hooper’s Wait for Dark. (Photo by Kendra, Flickr)

Much like the Baudelaire in Lemony Snicket’s popular children’s series, the residents of a small town have fallen victim to a series of unfortunate events. But are these deadly events as random as they appear? Who is behind them? And what is the meaning behind the cryptic notes that appear shortly before disaster strikes? Don’t fret! Kay Hooper explains it all in her latest thriller, Wait for Dark. 
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Kay Hooper’s ‘Fear The Dark’ Will Send Chills Up Your Spine [REVIEW]

Creepy house

Dramatic shot of a creepy house. (Photo courtesy Alex, Flickr)

With Fear the Dark, Kay Hooper has written yet another captivating page turner in what is already a long line of thrillers guaranteed to take your breath away. Read more of this post