Adele Releases Her First New Single In Three Years [VIDEO]

There are few things that get us as excited as a new Adele album. Now, three years since her unforgettable James Bond theme, “Skyfall,” echoed over the airwaves, she has finally released her next single and video, “Hello.” And yes, it is as amazing as we had hoped it would be. 

Adele 25


This song is packed with all the emotion and heart we have come to expect from the songstress, as she fuels the ballad with enough soul Aretha Franklin may want to cover this track too, just like she did with “Rolling In The Deep.” (Watch Aretha’s performance on David Letterman below.)

Yet “Hello” is only the first track on Adele’s upcoming new album, 25, which will feature eleven new tracks and can be pre-ordered from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Target now for the Nov. 20 release date. If “Hello” is anything to go by, you won’t want to miss this epic album!

In case you missed Adele’s previous hit, here’s the official video for “Skyfall.”

And here’s Aretha Franklin‘s cover of “Rolling In The Deep” as featured on the Late Show with David Letterman.

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2 Responses to Adele Releases Her First New Single In Three Years [VIDEO]

  1. Paula Hendrix says:

    I know I heard “€œHELLO” today.€“ I absolutely love her voice!!!!

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