Protect Yourself from Phone Bill Cramming

Smart phone

Both landline and mobile phone users may be the victim of cramming. (Photo by Graeme Paterson, Flickr)

Have you ever received your phone bill and thought, “Whoa! Why is this so high?” If you know that you didn’t call distant relatives in the home country or spend hours on the line with the Hollywood Psychics, you may likely be the victim of cramming. But what does that mean and what do you do about it? Here’s everything you need to know. Read more of this post

Why Everyone Needs to Read ‘The 15 Commitments Of Conscious Leadership’ [REVIEW]

Man at work

Everyone can become a better leader if they learn to think “above the line” as explained in the book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. (Photo by reynermedia, Flickr)

I was first introduced to the “conscious leadership” style when I attended a webinar on the subject provided by my employer. The concept intrigued me so much, I immediately ordered a copy of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Success by Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, and Kaley Warner Klemp. Read more of this post

Whole Foods To Open New Stores With Value Prices

Whole Foods logo with shopper

Shopper in front of Whole Foods market logo. (Photo courtesy Whole Foods)

If you ever shop at Whole Foods, you know that the chain is known for offering top-of-the-line products, from farm fresh produce to organic meats, dairy and other staples. Until now, those items have also come with a hefty price tag. But all of that is about to change. Read more of this post

Jathan And Heather Embrace The Magic Of New England [PHOTOS]

New Bedford sunset

New Bedford sunset (Photo by Jathan Fink/Jadeworks Entertainment)

Moving always forces a family to make all kinds of adjustments, and our new home is only one of the many we are going to need to get used to. In January, we told you that we would be moving to New England with a job transfer. Well, in February we drove across the country, outrunning a winter storm that nipped at our heels the entire way. Then on March 1 we finally moved into our new home in Massachusetts.  Read more of this post

Jathan, Heather and the Lone Star State

Texas open road

Bound for Texas, Jathan and Heather look forward to big adventures in the Lone Star State. (Photo © ar.obrien/Flickr)

Jathan and Heather are moving to Texas! After more than a decade of dishing up tasty recipes and entertaining hordes of guests, family and friends in Cincinnati, they will take on their next big adventure in the Lone Star state. Read more of this post