Beware of the Deadly ‘Huntress Moon’ [REVIEW]

Crescent moon over Golden Gate Bridge

There’s a killer on the loose in San Francisco… and she’s no lady. Discover her true identity in Alexandra Sokoloff’s Huntress Moon. (Photo by Christian Arballo, Flickr)

There’s no forgetting her. She’s alluring, riveting, and elusive. But just like a poisonous blossom for which there’s no antidote, she’s also beautiful and deadly. Join the pursuit to capture this mysterious woman in Alexandra Sokoloff’s addictive thriller, Huntress Moon.  Read more of this post


A Young Journalist Chronicles His Odyssey Toward Enlightenment in ‘All Our Waves Are Water’ [REVIEW]

Jaimal Yogis with surfboard

In his new memoir, All Our Waves Are Water, Jaimal Yogis takes us on his journey to understand the divine.
(Photo courtesy Jaimal Yogis, Facebook)

At 16, Jaimal Yogis sought enlightenment through surfing, longing to connect to the universe on a spiritual level. In All Our Waves Are Water, he’s in his 20s, still trying to fill the void in his life. His quest takes us on a globetrotting journey to India and beyond, where he learns about friendship, understanding, and how to heal his heart Read more of this post

James Patterson Kicks Off The Summer Season Early With ’15th Affair’ [REVIEW]

Plane on fire

Lindsay Boxer and the Women’s Murder Club must face murder, terrorists, spies and more in James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s 15TH AFFAIR. (Photo by underexposed949, Flickr)

In James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s 15th Affair, a quadruple homicide at the Four Seasons Hotel has the Women’s Murder Club baffled. Meanwhile, San Francisco is caught in the middle of the largest-scale terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. To make matters worse, Detective Lindsay Boxer has the sneaking suspicion both incidents are related and that her beloved husband Joe is the suspect who links everything together.  Read more of this post