Danielle Steel’s ‘Neighbors’ Is A Love Letter to San Francisco [REVIEW]

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When an earthquake rattles San Francisco, neighbors meet one another for the first time in Danielle Steel’s latest novel. (Photo courtesy Canva)

A reclusive film star has done her best to disappear into anonymity. When a natural disaster strikes, however, she feels compelled to open her gates and come out of hiding to lend others a helping hand. But her generosity will have lasting repercussions for both her and those she assists. Is she ready to face the world once again? Find out in Danielle Steel’s Neighbors.

Danielle Steel's NEIGHBORS
Delacorte Press

Fifteen years ago, Meredith White was a beloved Hollywood icon, until tragedy sent her into a tailspin and alienated her from everyone she knew. Now she lives alone in San Francisco, with two caretakers as her only companions.

Then a massive earthquake rattles Northern California, sending the Bay Area into chaos. Unable to hide any longer, Meredith invites her terrified neighbors into her mostly undamaged home. They are shocked to discover they live on the same street as Meredith and are now sharing her home.

The longer they dwell under the same roof, the closer they become, sharing secrets and forging new relationships. Each of them has a story to tell, from the woman who is afraid of her husband to the aspiring writer living with a famous blind musician. But Meredith comes to care about them all.

As they begin to heal and find ways to resume their lives, Meredith finds herself stepping back into the world with a disaster relief volunteer as her guide. Gradually, she begins to see her entire world in a whole new light.

On the surface, Danielle Steel’s Neighbors is an immersive story about the true cost of fame and the toll it can take on an individual’s personal life. But it also reads like a love letter to San Francisco and celebrates the city’s indomitable spirit and sense of community.

As readers watch Meredith come out of hiding and begin to engage with the people around her, they will undoubtedly find themselves wondering just how well they know their neighbors too. I think it is a question many of us already pondered before the pandemic, but after social distancing for two years, it is a topic that is more relevant than ever.

Steel delves deeply into what it truly means to be a good neighbor, and how rewarding it can be. I love how Meredith’s life evolves as she shifts her focus from dwelling on her own problems to helping others. It proves that Barbra Streisand was right when she sang, “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.”

While Steel’s characters all suffer through what may very well be one of the most traumatic experiences of their lives, this novel’s plot is propelled by hope, love and optimism. It serves as an uplifting reminder that we really do need others—with their imperfections and all— and that not all families are born in blood. If we open our hearts to one another, beautiful things can happen.

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Danielle Steel has been hailed as one of the world’s bestselling authors, with almost a billion copies of her novels sold. Her many international bestsellers include All That GlittersRoyalDaddy’s GirlsThe Wedding DressThe Numbers GameMoral CompassSpyChild’s Play, and other highly acclaimed novels.

She is also the author of His Bright Light, the story of her son Nick Traina’s life and death; A Gift of Hope, a memoir of her work with the homeless; Expect A Miracle, a book of her favorite quotations for inspiration and comfort; Pure Joy, about the dogs she and her family have loved; and the children’s books Pretty Minnie in Paris and Pretty Minnie in Hollywood.

For more information, visit her official website at DanielleSteel.com and her blog at DanielleSteel.net. You can also like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Danielle Steel
Danielle Steel
(Photo by Brigitte Lacombe)

By Danielle Steel
288 pp. Delacorte Press. $28.99

Buy Neighbors direct from Jathan & Heather Books or from one of these fine online retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Half Price Books, Hudson Booksellers, IndieBound, Powell’s, Target, or Walmart.

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