Beware of the Deadly ‘Huntress Moon’ [REVIEW]

Crescent moon over Golden Gate Bridge

There’s a killer on the loose in San Francisco… and she’s no lady. Discover her true identity in Alexandra Sokoloff’s Huntress Moon. (Photo by Christian Arballo, Flickr)

There’s no forgetting her. She’s alluring, riveting, and elusive. But just like a poisonous blossom for which there’s no antidote, she’s also beautiful and deadly. Join the pursuit to capture this mysterious woman in Alexandra Sokoloff’s addictive thriller, Huntress Moon. 

Alexandra Sokoloff's HUNTRESS MOON

Thomas & Mercer

Just behind the picturesque facade of San Francisco’s stunning landscape and beloved tourist destinations, an international crime ring called Ogromni has a stranglehold on the city. However, FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke is on the case, working diligently to shut down the syndicate.

Yet on the very day he heads to a local coffeehouse to meet with one of his undercover agents, he witnesses a shocking accident that feels much more ominous than it may first appear. For there’s a woman on the scene who puts his spider sense on high alert. And as he tries to figure out who she is, he soon realizes that he may very well be dealing with a female serial killer. Now he must trap her before any more blood is shed.

From the opening scene to the shocking conclusion, Huntress Moon lures readers in with sharp writing, vibrant imagery, compelling characters and authentic dialogue that never fails to mezmerize. Alexandra Sokoloff masterfully manipulates readers until they are practically begging for admittance to this pulse-pounding thrill ride, even if it lurches ahead at breakneck speed, utilizing Hitchcock-worthy twists and turns to keep us holding our breath.

This is a dazzling debut for this series, one which will undoubtedly keep readers coming back for more, eager to see what tricks Sokoloff has up her sleeve next, even if her writing haunts our dreams and makes us second guess everyone’s motives. If you like intense thrillers by authors like Heather Graham and Catherine Coulter, be sure to add Sokoloff’s FBI series to your must-read shelf.


Alexandra Sokoloff

Alexandra Sokoloff

Alexandra Sokoloff is the Thriller Award-winning and Bram Stoker, Anthony, and Black Quill Award-nominated author of the Amazon bestselling Huntress/FBI series (Huntress MoonBlood MoonCold MoonBitter MoonHunger Moon—now in active development as a TV series), and the supernatural Haunted thrillers (The HarrowingThe PriceThe UnseenBook of ShadowsThe ShiftersThe Space Between). The New York Times Book Review called her “a daughter of Mary Shelley,” and her books “Some of the most original and freshly unnerving work in the genre.”

As a screenwriter she has sold original horror and thriller scripts and adapted novels for numerous Hollywood studios. She has also written three non-fiction workbooks: Screenwriting Tricks for Authors: Stealing Hollywood, and Writing Love, based on her internationally acclaimed workshops and blog (, and has served on the Board of Directors of the WGA West and the Board of the Mystery Writers of America.

Alex is a California native and a graduate of UC Berkeley, where she majored in theater and minored in everything Berkeley has a reputation for. In her spare time, she performs with the Slice Girls and Heather Graham’s all-author Slush Pile Players, and dances like a fiend. She is also very active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. But not an addict. Seriously, it’s under control.

Visit Alex at her home on the Web at, and follow her on GoodReads, Facebook, and Twitter.

By Alexandra Sokoloff
373 pgs. Thomas & Mercer. $15.95

Huntress Moon is brought to you in association with Xpresso Book Tours.

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  1. What a perfect photo to capture the feel of the book! I’m so glad you responded to the story,

    • Jathan Fink says:

      Before now I’d only read one of your books which you had written for the Nocturne series. But you write this series so well, I can’t help but want to read all of them! Keep up the great work.

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