Molly Green Explores Gender Equality and a Woman’s Dreams of Flight in ‘A Sister’s Courage’ [REVIEW]

Women pilots

Pilots wearing parachutes for a demonstration flight for the Air Transport Auxiliary Service in which they are to replace male pilots, freeing them for combat duty in World War II. January 10, 1940. (Photo by Telegraph)

Three sisters. A world at war. One dream worth risking everything for. Fiercely determined to live life on her own terms, one woman does whatever it takes to soar to new heights in Molly Green’s empowering novel, A Sister’s Courage.



From the time her daddy took her to the flying circus as a child, Raine Linfoot knew she was destined to become a pilot. But her very French mother was determined to stand in her way. Refusing to allow her dreams to be thwarted, she vows to find another way.

Then she meets and falls in love with Doug Williams, a handsome pilot who teaches her to fly when she is just 17, and soon she obtains the flying license she’s always wanted. Suddenly the future seems bright, at least until World War II breaks out and Doug joins the RAF.

Raine knows everyone expects her to wait dutifully at home for him, but she needs to keep busy. She wants to help the war effort with her skills as a pilot and gets to do just that when the Air Transport Auxiliary needs help. She signs up lickety-split, and quickly finds herself risking her life flying munitions and equipment to the men on the front lines.

When Doug is reported MIA after being shot down, the war threatens to destroy everything she holds dear—her country, her life, and her heart. Will she be able to overcome adversity and learn to navigate the complications war brings her way? Find out in A Sister’s Courage.

Before reading this book, I was completely unaware of Green’s work. But now that she’s on my radar, I’ll definitely be looking for her stories again! She weaves a powerful story that is immersive from page one, one which gains readers’ trust immediately and proves that she is a very capable storyteller. I love how she shows us inside Raine’s family, revealing their warmth as much as their flaws, and how she comes into her own despite their ideas of who she should become. It all rings very true and authentic, and had me cheering for her every step of the way.

But I also love how Green shows the disparity between women and men and how they are treated, not just in war, but also in life. As such, it is a tale that still feels all too relevant and is a story that readers will connect with as a result. It is a wartime saga, however, so there are moments that break our hearts too, and the emotion is real and palpable, but that only solidifies our bond with the characters and ensures we are vested in the story. Truly, I can’t recommend this story enough. It is thoughtful and charming, one which will capture your imagination and make Molly Green a name you’ll remember for years to come.

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Molly Green

Molly Green


Molly Green is the author of An Orphan in the Snow, An Orphan’s War, and An Orphan’s Wish. Her second novel in the Victory Sisters trilogy, A Sister’s Song, is available for pre-order and will hit store shelves in April 2020.

She has traveled the world, unpacking her suitcase in a score of countries. Along the way, she has sold lipstick in a Denver store, modeled in Atlanta, assisted the UN Narcotics Director in Geneva, chauffeured a Swiss Gnome in Zurich, assisted a famous film producer in the UK, and cooked in a sanatorium in Germany.

On returning to England, Molly set up a realtor chain and ran it for 17 years until she decided to pursue her lifelong passion for writing. She now lives and writes in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

By Molly Green
400 pp. Avon. $16.99

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2 Responses to Molly Green Explores Gender Equality and a Woman’s Dreams of Flight in ‘A Sister’s Courage’ [REVIEW]

  1. Sara Strand says:

    I would absolutely go into this one wanting to see the disparity between women and men in that time, I’m glad this is prominently featured in this one. Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours

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