Sometimes ‘The Crooked Path’ is the Most Rewarding [REVIEW]

South Africa

In South Africa, a woman finds the road to happiness to be The Crooked Path. (Photo by Julie Laurent, Flickr)

When a South African young girl who never seems quite good enough in her own mind has her heart crushed and her dreams shattered, will she allow her personal tragedy to define her life or will she forge ahead more determined than ever to construct her own destiny? Find out in Irma Joubert’s The Crooked Path.

Irma Joubert's THE CROOKED PATH - Credit Thomas Nelson

Thomas Nelson

Throughout her life, Lettie compares herself to everyone else, and finds that she is always lacking. She’s more voluptuous than her delicately built friends, doesn’t have as much money as they do, and sometimes she even envies the fact that she doesn’t have a best friend of her own.

The great thing about Lettie, however, is that she doesn’t let that hold her back from seizing her dreams of becoming a successful doctor and academic, even if part of her success arises out of her need to compensate for her perceived lack of outer beauty. But even as she learns to truly love her friends, she feels isolated and alone and wonders if a man will ever love her too.

Enter Marco, an Italian who moves to South Africa for his health in the wake of World War II. There, he reunites with his brother, who also happens to be the husband of one of Lettie’s best friends. Marco becomes Lettie’s first patient, and as she nurtures him back to health, they forge a relationship that brings them both more happiness than either of them ever thought possible. But will they be able to banish heartbreak forever as they traverse the crooked path of life?

The Crooked Path is one woman’s emotional coming-of-age story that transpires in a place shattered by war.  Beautifully rendered and utterly captivating, readers will undoubtedly be drawn into Lettie’s world, populated as it is by authentic characters who inspire both laughter and disappointment. Joubert has written them well, with obvious fondness, and they quickly come alive in our minds as we explore a part of the world few get to visit, discovering the romance and culture of the South African landscape. If you love stories that inspire as much as they entertain, don’t miss Irma Joubert’s The Crooked Path. 


Irma JoubertIrma Joubert is the international bestselling author of The Girl from the TrainChild of the River, and six other novels.

A regular fixture on bestseller lists in The Netherlands and her native South Africa, her work is known for its deep insight into personal relationships and rich historical detail.

In 2010, she won the ATKV Prize for Romance Novels. Before she began writing, she worked as a history teacher for 35 years.

Readers are encouraged to connect with her on Facebook.

By Irma Joubert
400 pgs. Thomas Nelson. $15.99

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    Journey to the distant land of South Africa in Irma Joubert’s new book, where one woman discovers that sometimes the way to happiness is down The Crooked Path.

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