In ‘Stop At Nothing,’ Michael Ledwidge Delivers Explosive Thrills and Vibrant Characters [REVIEW]

Luxury yacht in the open sea
Can someone ever abscond with a stolen bounty unscathed? (Photo courtesy Canva)

A deadly crash landing. A sudden windfall of stolen goods. Is sunken treasure ever worth the hassle? In Michael Ledwidge’s new thriller, meet one man who will Stop At Nothing to get what he wants.

Michael Ledwidge's STOP AT NOTHING
Hanover Square Press

When Michael Gannon, retired Navy Seal turned diving instructor, stumbles upon a Gulf Stream that crashed in the Bahamas, he discovers its six dead passengers and a trove of cash and stolen diamonds inside.

After taking the cargo onboard his boat, Gannon soon finds himself on the run from people who want the loot he has taken. And they aren’t the kind of people to sit idly by, simpering over lost goods. Instead, they will stop at nothing to retrieve what is rightfully theirs.

As they close in on Gannon, he digs deep and pulls out the skills he once used in another life, lethal ones he has kept secret until now. But when push comes to shove, he’s not above employing every trick he’s learned along the way.

In Stop At Nothing, Ledwidge pens a realistic, suspenseful, harrowing cat-and-mouse thriller that will satisfy James Patterson fans the world over. (This isn’t exactly surprising, since Ledwidge has co-authored about a dozen books with the mastermind behind the adored Alex Cross series. He obviously learned something along the way!)

This time out, however, Ledwidge is on his own, and he’s crafted a novel that is propelled by non-stop action and populated by likeable characters, including my favorite, Sergeant Jeremy. He’s a quiet man who becomes Gannon’s loyal friend, one who always speaks the truth and encourages him to come to his hear his sermons on Sundays.

Although I like Gannon as the protagonist, Sergeant Jeremy stole my heart with his friendly demeanor and easy nature. As a result, I found myself instinctively drawn to him. For me, it isn’t always the lead character who makes a book a winner or who I connect with most. Sometimes it is the auxiliary characters who steal the show, which is what happens here.

Still, Gannon’s relationship with Jeremy enhances the story, giving it verisimilitude and depth, and it makes me want to visit the world Ledwidge has created here again, one that brings governmental intrigue to vivid, explosive life. If you like your thrillers with loads of adrenaline and a touch of heart, you are going to adore Stop At Nothing.

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Michael Ledwidge
Michael Ledwidge (Photo by Cara Lawton)


Michael Ledwidge is the writer of 17 novels, the last dozen being New York Times bestsellers cowritten with one of the world’s bestselling authors, James Patterson.

With 20 million copies in print, their Michael Bennett series is the highest-selling New York City detective series of all time.

One of their novels, Zoo, became a three-season CBS television series.

He lives in Connecticut.

By Michael Ledwidge
400 pp. Hanover Square Press. $26.99

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