Do You Have The Eyes To See Beauty?

Fireworks light up Sydney Harbour

Fireworks light up Sydney Harbour. Sydney, Australia. STUNNING PHOTOGRAPHS, pages 314-315. (Photo credit: Annie Griffiths/National Geographic)

People from all over the world believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. It can tell a story, evoke an emotion and bring people together. Read more of this post

‘Brain Games For Puppies’ Makes One Happy Canine [REVIEW]

Claire trains a puppy.

Claire trains a puppy. (Photo credit: Roddy Paine/Interpet Publishing)

My husband and I bought an 8-week-old English Labrador Retriever from a breeder in Ohio. We named him Leonardo after the famous painter. Leonardo was the first puppy to walk up to my husband. At that point we knew, he was the one. Read more of this post

Can Anne Byrn Save Your Day? [REVIEW]

Anne Byrn

Anne Byrn

There were three things that I appreciated in the cookbook, Anne Byrn Saves The Day.  Read more of this post

Every Cook Should Own The Barefoot Contessa’s ‘Make It Ahead’ [REVIEW]

I was so excited to learn that WBSM’s Phil Paleologos would be interviewing Ina Garten about her latest Barefoot Contessa Cookbook entitled, Make It Ahead on his Midday Magazine radio program. Read more of this post

Girls Are Growing Up Faster Than Ever Before [VIDEO]

Have you ever stopped and looked at a girl in your life and thought, ‘how did she grow up so fast?’ Well it may not be your imagination! CNN reports that according to a new study, girls are entering puberty at earlier ages than they did in the past, which may be the contributing factor that leads to your surprise and dismay. Read more of this post


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