Jenna Sutton’s ‘Coming Apart at the Seams’ Is A Tribute to the Human Spirit [REVIEW]


Nick Priest and Teagan O’Brien’s romance ended years ago. Is it too late to start over?
(Photo by Carlos ZGZ and james j8246, Flickr)

Jenna Sutton’s latest novel, Coming Apart at the Seems, weaves a tale of love lost but never forgotten. The story introduces readers to Teagan O’Brien and Nick Priest, who have know each other since high school, but whose short-lived relationship left Teagan with a broken heart. Years later, Nick is ready to rekindle their romance. But has the couple missed their window of opportunity? Read more of this post

Ann DeVito’s ‘Dog Love’ Artistically Captures Man’s Best Friend [REVIEW]

Dog trio

Regardless of the breed, dogs bring lots of love into our lives. (Photo by Julie, Leon G, and Eran Finkle/Flickr)

If dogs are among some of your lifelong friends, you are going to love Ann DeVito’s Dog Love, a gorgeously illustrated volume that pays homage to our favorite canine companions.  Read more of this post

Nicholas Sparks’s Epic ‘See Me’ Has Grand Ambitions [REVIEW]


Nicholas Sparks’s SEE ME is an epic by the author’s standards. But is it an epic win? (Photo by Herman Estevez)

I always enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks’s novels. With each new book, I anticipate a brief respite from my own life and immersing myself in the lives of his characters for a few hours. His latest book, See Me, is an epic by Sparks’s standards, but despite its grand ambitions, the book fails to live up to readers’ expectations. Read more of this post

Chicken Corn Chowder with Poblano Chilies [RECIPE]

Chicken Corn Chowder with Poblano Chilies

Our Chicken Corn Chowder with Poblano Chilies is a spicy and delicious way to beat the cold. (Photo by Jathan Fink, Jadeworks Entertainment)

If it is chilly outside, it’s a safe bet I’m in the kitchen cooking up one of my favorite soups. I’ve always been a big chowder fan, but sometimes clams aren’t available or I’m craving something a little spicy. That’s when my chicken corn chowder with poblano chilies is just the ticket! Packed with healthy veggies and lots of flavor, this recipe will be on the table in less than 30 minutes, which makes it perfect for a quick lunch on a cold day. Read more of this post

Are Baby Carrots Bad For You? [VIDEO]

Baby carrots

Baby carrots might be a snack-sized way to add veggies to your diet. But are they good for you? (Photo by m01229, Flickr)

Upon perusing the produce section at the supermarket, ‘baby carrots’ may seem ready made for mindless, healthy eating. After all, they’re already cut, peeled and ready for munching. But are they bad for you? The answer may surprise you. Read more of this post


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