Shocking Details Revealed In “The Good Nurse” [REVIEW]

Most nurses give excellent quality of care to their patients. However, there are some who do more harm than good. Read more of this post

Dean Koontz’s ‘The City’ Is Not Really A City – Or Is It? [REVIEW]

Some people believe that you can tell a lot about a person by their name. In Dean Koontz’s latest novel, The City, this is particularly true. Read more of this post

Missing Chapter Of ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’ Found [VIDEOS]

Fond memories of my childhood involve reading all the books by Roahl Dahl. I was surprised to learn that a missing chapter entitled “The Warming Candy Room” was found by his daughter,Ophelia, when she “began organizing his early drafts,” according to Vanity Fair.  Read more of this post

‘Peter Pan Must Die’ Is A Tightly Woven Murder Mystery [REVIEW]

I love a really good mystery with a lot plot twists and turns along with a few quirky characters thrown into the mix. In John Verdon’s latest novel, Peter Pan Must Die, he delivers an intricate plot and flawed characters in spades. Read more of this post

Chelsea Cain’s ‘One Kick’ Is An Intelligent And Gripping Novel [REVIEW]

If you were abducted as a child, how would you rebuild your life? Would you live in constant fear or take charge? In Chelsea Cain‘s latest novel, One Kick, one young woman must make just such a decision.  Read more of this post


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