A Young Journalist Chronicles His Odyssey Toward Enlightenment in ‘All Our Waves Are Water’ [REVIEW]

Jaimal Yogis with surfboard

In his new memoir, All Our Waves Are Water, Jaimal Yogis takes us on his journey to understand the divine.
(Photo courtesy Jaimal Yogis, Facebook)

At 16, Jaimal Yogis sought enlightenment through surfing, longing to connect to the universe on a spiritual level. In All Our Waves Are Water, he’s in his 20s, still trying to fill the void in his life. His quest takes us on a globetrotting journey to India and beyond, where he learns about friendship, understanding, and how to heal his heart Read more of this post

Jathan and Heather Tackle the Triple Throttle Throwdown at the Texas Motor Speedway

Heather Fink with driver Oriol Servia

Jathan Fink/Jadeworks Entertainment

When we decided to embrace the whole Texas experience, we had never even heard of the Texas Motor Speedway. But then, we had never followed NASCAR or any of the other races that take place there. In fact, the most we knew about race car driving came watching Disney’s Cars. Read more of this post