Jathan and Heather Tackle the Triple Throttle Throwdown at the Texas Motor Speedway

Heather Fink with driver Oriol Servia

Jathan Fink/Jadeworks Entertainment

When we decided to embrace the whole Texas experience, we had never even heard of the Texas Motor Speedway. But then, we had never followed NASCAR or any of the other races that take place there. In fact, the most we knew about race car driving came watching Disney’s Cars.

Then our friend Jeff Easterling, one of the DJs who work with Jathan, snagged him some tickets to the Texas Triple Throttle Throwdown IndyCar races in Fort Worth. He got us a sweet deal too, with seats in the VIP lounge high above the race track and passes to the pit so we could meet the drivers and their crews and see those awesome cars up close and personal.

Heather Fink, Sheila Lollis and Ed Lollis watch as cars are prepped for the race

Jathan Fink/Jadeworks Entertainment

We took Ed and Sheila Lollis, two friends Jathan’s known since he was a child, to the track with us. None of us had ever been before and had no idea what to expect, but Jeff told us to bring ear plugs because it can get pretty loud. He wasn’t kidding!

When we first got to the speedway, we were amazed by how huge it was! The stands climb into the sky like giant monuments to the racing world and seat 159,585 people. The track was massive, a quad-oval slice of asphalt that a mile and a half around.

The first races we watched were the Hoon KaboomTX, part of the Global RallyCross that combines circuit racing, off-road racing and rally competition. Drivers brought their souped-up cars from all over the world to literally soar through the air in a competition that was lots of fun to watch.

Afterward, as we waited for the Firestone 550 Indy races to start, we all headed down to the pit where we met some of the crews as they prepped the cars, checked tire pressure, and made last-minute adjustments. Some of the pit crew members we met had worked in all aspects of racing, including Formula 1™ with the British Grand Prix. It was amazing to see how lightweight the tires are, and how quickly the crews actually change all the tires when the cars pull into the pit.

Ed Lollis at Texas Motor Speedway

Jathan Fink/Jadeworks Entertainment

One of the drivers we really wanted to meet was Spain’s Oriol Servia. We tracked down his car, and then met his crew who eventually told us where we would be able to find him. Originally from Catalonia, he was the nicest guy, very enthusiastic and fun to meet, not to mention cute!

When the races started, we returned to the VIP lounge to watch. As the cars sped past, it sounded like a swarm of bees tearing around the track. We were all surprised how riveting the races were to watch, even if our guy did come in 13th as Alex Tagliani won the race. Still, it was a blast and we’re eager to return again for another event in the fall.

So be honest, did you ever think we’d be writing you from a race track? Now while we already know what our next event will be during our Big Texas Adventure, can you guess what we’ll tackle next? We think this one will really surprise you. So stay tuned!

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About Heather Fink
Heather Fink is a writer, bibliophile and award-winning librarian who loves to introduce the next generation of readers to the wonderful world of books. She currently resides in Texas.

2 Responses to Jathan and Heather Tackle the Triple Throttle Throwdown at the Texas Motor Speedway

  1. Heather,
    Love that photo of you with the Firestone Pace Car. I am so glad that you and Jathan are doing well. We miss you so much at Norwood!! You have a dog now? Need pics!! Love you bunches!!

  2. Debby Carrico says:

    All right Heather, you’re going to have to update your bio now that you live in Texas. It was great to read what you all have been up to. Take care! We miss you in Ohio.

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