Adele Releases Her First New Single In Three Years [VIDEO]

There are few things that get us as excited as a new Adele album. Now, three years since her unforgettable James Bond theme, “Skyfall,” echoed over the airwaves, she has finally released her next single and video, “Hello.” And yes, it is as amazing as we had hoped it would be.  Read more of this post

Remember Your Favorite Educator During Teacher Appreciation Week

I have a big soft spot in my heart for teachers. So many amazing educators helped make me the person I am today, from Kindergarten through college. I’m delighted that as an adult, many of them have become my dear friends and continue to inspire me even now.  Read more of this post

Steve Young Wants To Perform A Solo Acoustic Performance In Your Home

Steve Young

Steve Young (Photo courtesy Nikki Lewis Photography)

Over the years, we’ve met lots of phenomenally talented people because of my job as a journalist and editor. Although some of these folks are already household names, others are rising stars. Today I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to one of my personal favorites, the very talented Steve Young. Read more of this post

Two Worlds Collide In One Entertaining Weekend

My cousin Claire once told us that she aspires to be like us one day because we seem to have so much fun. Well if that’s true, then this past weekend would have totally blown her mind because we attended two completely different shows on consecutive nights that were as vastly different as haggis and ice cream.  Read more of this post

Nigel Barker Is More Than Just A Great Photographer [VIDEO]

Nigel Barker

Nigel Barker

Working in the media, I get the opportunity to introduce my audience to people that are worth knowing. Today, I got the chance to chat with fashion photographer Nigel Barker, who is currently promoting his new book, Models of Influence. Read more of this post