Cotton Malone Takes His 16th International Adventure in Steve Berry’s ‘The Kaiser’s Web’ [REVIEW]

Brandenburg Gate in Germany
A new day is dawning in Germany, but who will have the upper hand? (Photo courtesy Canva)

A secret dossier from a World War-II era Soviet spy. New information that could rewrite history. Will Cotton Malone be able to get to the truth before and save Europe from complete chaos? Find out in Steve Berry’s latest thriller, The Kaiser’s Web.

Steve Berry's THE KAISER'S WEB
Minotaur Books

Two people want to become Germany’s next chancellor. The first is a patriot who has served for the past 16 years. The second is someone intent on stoking the flames of nationalistic hate. They both have secrets, but only one of them knows the truth about the other.

But the outcome of this election hangs precariously upon the pivotal events of April 30, 1945, and what happened deep beneath Berlin in the Führerbunker. Did Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun die there? Did Martin Bormann, Hitler’s close confidant, escape? And where did billions in Nazi wealth disappear to in the final days of World War II?

Cotton Malone takes us from Chile to South Africa, and finally to Switzerland in his quest to expose truth behind the Kaiser’s Web.

When my husband told me a new Steve Berry novel would be arriving soon, I squealed in delight! I cleared my calendar, prepared snacks and drinks and put them within arm’s reach. After all, I didn’t want to be interrupted after I set out to follow Cotton’s latest globetrotting adventure with his girlfriend Cassiopeia Vitt!

Although I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Kaiser’s Web, it was the first three chapters which cemented why I am a Cotton Malone superfan. I absolutely loved Berry’s description of Cassiopeia’s thoughts when she realizes she needs to jump from a plane. The scene is priceless and very realistic. My heart was in my throat through the entire episode!

But this is only how the adventure begins in The Kaiser’s Web, with Cotton and Cassiopeia jetting around South Africa and Europe, trying to assemble a puzzle which was concocted years ago during Hitler’s reign. Berry’s vivid imagination and creativity—coupled with his riveting comprehension of world history—is sure to resonate with other avid Malone fans.

Whether this is the first time you’ve read a Steve Berry novel or you’re a diehard fan like me, you don’t want to miss the 16th novel in Steve Berry’s brilliant Cotton Malone series!

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Steve Berry is the New York Times and number one internationally bestselling author of more than fifteen Cotton Malone novels and several stand alones. He has 25 million books in print, translated into 40 languages.

With his wife, Elizabeth, he is the founder of History Matters, which is dedicated to historical preservation. He serves as an emeritus member of the Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board and was a founding member of International Thriller Writers, formerly serving as its co-president.

For more information, visit him at, like him on Facebook, and subscribe to him on YouTube.

Steve Berry
Steve Berry

By Steve Berry
432 pp. Minotaur Books. $28.99.

Purchase The Kaiser’s Web direct from Jathan & Heather Books or from one of these other fine online retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Half Price Books, Hudson Booksellers, IndieBound, Powell’s, or Walmart.

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