Secret Binds Two Iconic Royals in ‘Another Woman’s Husband’ [REVIEW]

Paris Engagement

In 1997, a newly engaged couple’s excitement is overshadowed by the shocking tragedy of Princess Diana’s untimely death in Paris. (Photo by Jessie Hodge, Flickr)

Paris, the city of light, is one of the most romantic places in the world. For one couple, newly engaged and full of dreams about their future, it the place where a life together is about to begin. For another, it is where everything ends in a devastating crash that shocks the world.  Discover how their lives intersect and ultimately lead back to a long-buried secret in Gill Paul’s breathtaking novel of love and royalty, Another Woman’s Husband. 


William Morrow

Back in 1911, Wallis Warfield was an enigmatic 15-year-old girl: courageous, confident, and totally audacious. These very traits are what draw men to her like bears to honey, but they also captivate a girl she befriends at summer camp named Mary Kirk.

It isn’t surprising that Mary’s family isn’t too keen about her new BFF. After all, Wallis raises eyebrows wherever she goes. Parental objections do not deter Mary’s unwavering devotion to her friend, however, even as the girls become women and Wallis’s bawdy behavior fuels  the scandalous whispers which seem to echo throughout polite society, especially as she gets involved with the Prince of Whales.

Fast forward 86 years to 1997 when a newly engaged couple, Rachel and Alex, are in a Paris taxi when the traffic ahead of them comes to a sudden halt. With emergency lights flashing and cameras everywhere, they soon discover that Princess Diana was in the mangled car ahead of them. Even in death, Di provides fodder for the voracious paparazzi, eager to make headlines in tabloids around the globe.

Close to the accident, Alex finds a heart pendant engraved with the letter J and the Roman numerals XVII and gives it to Rachel for safe keeping. The incident haunts Rachel, especially when she learns Di visited the last home of Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor, just hours prior to the accident which ended her life. Rachel wonders how the women were connected, and why Di would go there. Her inquisitive mind ultimately leads her to the truth behind a scandal that links the legendary women and which made the world gasp in surprise.

With Another Woman’s Husband, Gill Paul has written a novel that spans generations and culminates in a story which would have made authors like Dominick Dunne or Andrew Morton proud. Using layers of history, absorbing detail, captivating settings on both sides of the pond, and fascinating characters we simply refuse to forget, she has created a priceless tapestry that provides a very plausible “what-if” scenario that explains the connection between two of the world’s most enigmatic women.

This is a story full of surprises, and one which expertly manipulates the perceptions we have about both Wallis and Di, women the media couldn’t get enough of, and showcases their humanity in a way we haven’t seen before. Using Rachel as the link between their stories, Paul not only proves that she is a master storyteller, but she also reminds us that the real story is always much more fascinating than the portrait the tabloids try to feed us in the grocery store checkout lines. Don’t miss Another Woman’s Husband, a story as addictive as a huge tub of hot buttered popcorn and one that simply begs to be turned into a juicy television miniseries!

Gill Paul

Gill Paul


Gill Paul is the USA Today bestselling author of The Secret WifeWomen and Children First, which was shortlisted for an RNA Award; The Affair; and No Place for a Lady, which was shortlisted for a Love Stories Award.

Her nonfiction includes A History of Medicine in 50 ObjectsWorld War I Love Stories, and Royal Love StoriesGill’s expertise is often called upon for talks on historical subjects, including the sinking of the Titanic. 

Born in Scotland and based in London, Paul invites readers to visit her home on the Web at, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

By Gill Paul
480 pgs. William Morrow. $15.99

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