Heather Graham Takes No Prisoners In ‘A Dangerous Game’ [REVIEW]

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When a woman drops dead at her feet, a criminal psychologist must find out who she is in Heather Graham’s A Dangerous Game. (Photo by Owen Blacker, Flickr)

It’s been just one more day at the office for Kieran Finnegan, a New York City criminal psychologist. But just as she’s wrapping things up and looking forward to heading to the family pub to go see one of her favorite bands play, a distraught woman shows up and thrusts a baby into her arms, then flees before she can answer any questions. Whose child is it? Is the woman the mother? And why is she murdered moments after giving the baby away? Find out in Heather Graham’s breathlessly paced new novel, A Dangerous Game. 

Heather Graham's A DANGEROUS GAME


Manhattan can be a sketchy place on a good day. Anything can happen, and Kieran has seen more than her share of the bad side of things given her career. So why is it that this unexpected event has her so spooked? Is it because of the child? Does a woman dropping dead at her feet with a knife in her back have something to do with it? Or is it the nagging feeling that there is much more to this incident than meets the eye?

Fortunately for Kieran, she has an ace up her sleeve, a hunky special-agent boyfriend named Craig Frasier. He’s determined to get to the bottom of this story, but he’s told her she needs to steer clear. The FBI has got her covered and is sure to get the answers she seeks.

Kieran has never been one to sit on the sidelines while someone else does the work though, especially when clues fall into her lap. Soon she is doing sleuthing of her own despite what Craig says, and suddenly she finds herself getting caught up in a dangerous web of people who have plenty of secrets and put no value for human life. Will she solve the crime in time to put an end to their deadly enterprise or will she become the group’s next casualty?

A Dangerous Game is so good, I couldn’t put it down and read it one sitting (something I rarely get to do these days). It is relentless and shocking, riveting and frightening. It makes me thing that if Mary Higgins Clark and Robert B. Parker had ever gotten together to write a book, this would be it. It is fast paced and ruthless, and you won’t want it to end, even if you’re helpless to race ahead to the startling conclusion. There’s a reason I’ve been a huge fan of Graham’s work all these years, and this story is a testament to her deft prowess with a pen. If you love your suspense with a dollop of romance and a crime you can sink your teeth into, you’re going to devour this novel.


Heather Graham

Heather Graham
(Photo by Charles William Bush)

Heather Graham is an award-winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than a hundred novels and novellas which have been published in approximately 20 languages.

A member of the Romance Writers of America and the International Thriller Writers, she majored in theater arts at the University of South Florida. She worked in dinner theater, sang back-up vocals and even tended bar before she sold her first book in 1982.

Her new novel, A Dangerous Game, hit store shelves March 13. Her next Krewe of Hunters book, Fade to Black, will go on sale May 29.

Visit Heather online at theoriginalheathergraham.comlike her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter and YouTube.

By Heather Graham
336 pgs. Mira. $26.99

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