Notting Hill Turns Deadly In Deborah Crombie’s ‘Garden of Lamentations’ [REVIEW]

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When a woman is found dead in a Notting Hill garden, Gemma James is on the case in Deborah Crombie’s Garden of Lamentations. (Photo by Davidoff A, Flickr)

Two of Scotland Yard’s best detectives become embroiled in cases the complicate their personal lives in disturbing ways. Will they be able to solve these deadly mysteries before it is too late? Find out in Deborah Crombie’s latest novel, Garden of Lamentations.


William Morrow

On a glorious Spring day, Reagan Keating’s body is discovered in the secluded sanctuary of Notting Hill’s private gardens. The residents in the surrounding homes think the pretty nanny is merely sleeping, but the truth is that someone killed her, and now her death is at the top of DI Kerry Boatman’s case list.

Boatman requests Gemma James’s assistance on the matter. After all, they worked together previously, and there is the slightest hint of a connection between Keating and James since Reagan’s charge attends the same dance studio as Gemma’s and Duncan Kincaid’s son, Toby.

To complicate matters, it appears that Reagan’s death isn’t a lone incident. Someone else died tragically in an accident a few months before, and then a third resident is violently killed in the same exclusive London park. Suddenly the deaths don’t feel all that coincidental, and Boatman and James must find the killer before he strikes again.

Garden of Lamentations is the perfect addition to an already popular series. Filled with twists and turns, lots of atmospheric detail, a suspiciously sinister cast, and characters who practically step off the page, this is a story that captivates from page one.

Despite her Texan roots, Crombie has a definite affinity for everything British, including a clear understanding of the workings inside Scotland Yard. More importantly, however, she utilizes this knowledge to create compelling characters who are both deeply human and utterly charismatic.

Mystery enthusiasts new to the series will definitely want to return to devour previous titles after reading this volume, and longtime fans will undoubtedly be pleased with James’s latest investigation. Crombie is proving herself a worthy successor to both P.D. James and Martha Grimes. Enjoy!

Deborah Crombie

Deborah Crombie
(Photo by Steve Ullathorne)


Deborah Crombie is the award-winning author of To Dwell in DarknessNecessary as BloodWhere Memories Lie, and numerous other novels featuring Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and Sergeant Gemma James. Her critically acclaimed novels are published in numerous countries across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Before becoming a writer, Crombie worked in advertising and newspapers and attended the Rice University Publishing Program. She obtained her undergraduate degree in biology from Austin College.

A Texas native, she has also lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Chester, England. She currently resides in McKinney, Texas with her husband, Rick Wilson, two German shepherds, and three cats. When not writing or traveling to the UK, she enjoys cooking, admiring her garden, reading, birdwatching, and playing with her dogs.

She invites fans to visit her home on the Web at, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

By Deborah Crombie
448 pgs. William Morrow. $14.99

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