Lucinda Scala Quinn Teaches Us How She Cooks for Her ‘Mad Hungry Family’ [REVIEW]

Lucinda Scala Quinn

Lucinda Scala Quinn is a longtime crusader for the family meal. (Photo courtesy madhungrylsq, YouTube)

We are firm believers in the old adage that food is love. It is one of the reasons that we are such huge fans of Lucinda Scala Quinn. She’s been preaching about the importance of cooking for your family for years now. As a mom, she realizes this is not always an easy feat, but after raising three sons, she knows that it is possible, and that is why her Mad Hungry trilogy of cookbooks should be a staple in every family’s kitchen. Each volume is not only packed full of recipes that will satisfy growing teens, but they are also filled with cooking principles which make the family meal the bedrock we can all build upon. The third book chronicling her culinary journey, Mad Hungry Family, is the capstone on this epic quest to bring families together. 

Lucinda Scala Quinn's MAD HUNGRY FAMILY

Artisan Books

First of all, there are 120 new recipes featured in this book. Unlike some cookbooks which call for difficult-to-find ingredients, most of these simply utilize foods that you likely already have in your fridge or pantry. Best of all, these are meals that aren’t going to break the bank, because Lucinda knows how to stretch a dollar. With three growing boys, it was a lesson she had to learn early on, and now she shares this hard-won wisdom with us. Recipes like Spicy Chicken and Chickpeas (p. 61) and Caramelized Orange Pork Roast (p. 5) focus on one main ingredient and with a few extras thrown in, she makes a delicious dinner with a lot of bang for your buck.

She also teaches us that we need to celebrate vegetables, especially if we’re trying to teach our kiddos (and people of any age) to enjoy eating them and making them a big part of their diet. We’re encouraged to embrace spices and experiment with them in our cooking, like in her Indian-Spiced Cauliflower and Carrots (p. 151) or her Squash Gnocchi with Sage Butter (p. 166). Mix and match your veggies to keep meals fresh, exciting and interesting, and you’ll soon change your family’s mind about eating nature’s health food.

What’s a meal without a great finish? With a house full of men, Lucinda knows guys like dessert, so she’s created some stellar recipes for those too. Her Peach Kuchen (p. 231) uses fresh or canned peaches to create a custard type cake that will blow your socks off. She also shows you how to make healthy desserts like her Three Melon Salad (p. 237) and the delicious Buttery Spiced Poached Pears (p. 245).

Whether you’re a novice or a skilled home cook, you’re going to find something new and tasty your family will love in this book. But don’t feel like you have to cook it all yourself. In fact, Lucinda recommends you invite the kids into the kitchen and teach them to help you. It will make for great memories and will teach them skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Because that’s what Lucinda does best, she shares her passion for food with us every day and invites all of us to join her movement to come back to the dinner table and join her Mad Hungry Family. 

Watch Lucinda’s Tedx talk, “The Power of Home Cooking,” above and you’ll soon realize why she’s such a crusader for the family meal. Enjoy!

Lucinda Scala Quinn

Lucinda Scala Quinn
(Photo by Richard Phibbs)


Lucinda Scala Quinn is the author of four cookbooks, most recently Mad Hungry: Feeding Men & Boys and Mad Hungry CravingsShe also appears regularly on both morning television and QVC with her top-selling Mad Hungry Kitchenware line.

Lucinda is the former senior vice president and executive editorial director of food and entertaining at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and the host of her own television show, Mad Hungry: Bringing Back the Family Meal. 

She lives and cooks with her husband and three sons in New York City. Visit her home on the Web at, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

By Lucinda Scala Quinn
272 pgs. Artisan Books. $27.95.

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