Radio Station Surprises Deserving Mom After Her Son Dies [VIDEOS]

One of the best parts about working in the media is that occasionally stations get the chance to make a big difference in the lives of its audience. This happened recently in Australia with heartwarming results. 

Hosts of a popular radio show on KIIS 1065 took to the airwaves to talk directly to Michelle, a mother of three who lost her 19-year-old son Blaine in a freak accident at work.

Michelle thought her daughters were taking her out for a spa day when she heard Kyle and Jackie O talk to her on the radio. “I know how hard you’ve been suffering lately,” Jackie said through tears. “You’ve faced what no parent should ever have to go through.”

A local sponsor, Clarendon Homes, generously paid Michelle’s mortgage for the next six months so she could stay home from work and would have time to grieve properly.

On top of that, the station learned that Blaine had been making improvements to his mom’s property outdoors and they’re donating $5,000 to finish the updates.

If you’d like to be a part of this story and help Michelle, visit the GoFundMe account that was set up in their name. At the time of writing this, $8,185 have already been raised to assist the family.

You can also watch the rest of the story below to see how the story went down behind the scenes.

[Woman’s Day]

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Jathan is a journalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is also a travel junkie, foodie and jazz aficionado. A California native, he resides in Texas.

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