Nigel Barker Is More Than Just A Great Photographer [VIDEO]

Nigel Barker

Nigel Barker

Working in the media, I get the opportunity to introduce my audience to people that are worth knowing. Today, I got the chance to chat with fashion photographer Nigel Barker, who is currently promoting his new book, Models of Influence.

You know me, I love creative types who have a real passion for their work, and Nigel is no different in that respect. He works hard and loves beautiful things. Yet his work in fashion isn’t the only reason why Nigel is someone you should know.

Above all else, I hope you remember Nigel for his humanity and heart. Sure he used to model and photographs some of the most famous models in the business. But that is what he does, not who he is.

Nigel is a truly beautiful man who lives life with humor and compassion, traits that are rare these days. Also, it is quite obvious that he loves being a dad, something I always love to see. When Nigel talks about his children, you hear the pride and affection in his voice. So many dads with a far less busy schedule than he don’t exude that same warmth and devotion. It’s lovely to hear.

So if you ever meet Nigel, don’t dwell on what he does for a living. Focus on what a gem he is as a man in his roles as father, husband, son and friend. He’s an inspiration in my book, and I’m delighted to get the chance to introduce you to him.

Enjoy our chat.

50 Women Who Reset the Course of Fashion

By Nigel Barker
256 pp. Harper Design. $40.

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