Jathan And Heather Work To Find Homes For Adoptable Pets [VIDEOS]

Annie the Cane Corso

Jathan Fink/Jadeworks Entertainment

Dog lovers that we are, we’re always poking our noses into animal shelters and pet stores, looking for animals to visit. One day on my lunch break, I stopped by the Fairhaven Animal Shelter to scope things out and I was delighted by what I found. The facility is small, but it is one of the most pristine animal rescues that I have ever seen and Terry, the guy who runs the joint, takes great care of his furry (or sometimes feathered) wards. So I knew I had to do something to help him find forever homes for his adoptable pets. 

I took Heather with me to the shelter soon after and Terry introduce us to Annie, a sweet-tempered Cane Corso (an Italian Mastiff) who needed a home. In truth, she reminded both of us a lot of the Bullmastiffs my parents have, except she had a brindle coat. But she is such a sweet girl, we wanted to place her. We made a video with the help of my friends at the radio station, Loren Petisce and Phil Paleologos, and then we put it up on the station sites and that very day Terry got a call from a cop and his wife who were interested in taking Annie home.

Now we’re working on finding a home for Diesel, an equally sweet and totally lovable American Staffordshire Terrier. He’s five years old and a total lover boy, but some people get a little intimidated by his size. They shouldn’t worry though, his last home was with an old lady and her fluffy Pekingese. With a little training, and lots of love and attention, we’re sure he’ll find a great home too. We enlisted Loren and our new morning show co-host Kasey Silvia to narrate Diesel’s video. So check it out, and if you live in Massachusetts, perhaps he could become the newest member of your family.

About Jathan Fink
Jathan is a journalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is also a travel junkie, foodie and jazz aficionado. A California native, he resides in Texas.

5 Responses to Jathan And Heather Work To Find Homes For Adoptable Pets [VIDEOS]

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  2. Debby Carrico says:

    My Children’s librarian and LSA 2 work with various organizations to rescue and assist animals and Jerry and I adopted a dog that would have been put down because he was older and supposedly killed a cat. He lets this neighbor cat roam in the back yard and does not chase it, so we are wondering if the whole truth got told. Anyway, Creature is a ‘pussycat’ if you’ll excuse the pun. I love the work of rescue!

    • Jathan Fink says:

      That’s awesome! We’re so glad you were able to take in Creature. LOL What a great name, by the way. Sounds like something from the Addams Family. We hope you’re all very happy together!

      • Debby Carrico says:

        We love him and we just found out he has bone cancer or a fungus in one of his shoulders. We don’t know how long he will have, but we will love him while we can…

      • Jathan Fink says:

        Oh Debby, we’re so sorry to hear that! We love your attitude though. The hardest thing about having a pet is knowing that they won’t be with us forever. 😦

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