Jathan And Heather Embrace The Magic Of New England [PHOTOS]

New Bedford sunset

New Bedford sunset (Photo by Jathan Fink/Jadeworks Entertainment)

Moving always forces a family to make all kinds of adjustments, and our new home is only one of the many we are going to need to get used to. In January, we told you that we would be moving to New England with a job transfer. Well, in February we drove across the country, outrunning a winter storm that nipped at our heels the entire way. Then on March 1 we finally moved into our new home in Massachusetts. 

Another thing we’re adjusting to is the climate. The winter of 2013/2014 has been brutal all over America, but particularly in the Northeast. Since we arrived, we’ve lived through four winter storms, including Pax, Quintus, Rex and most recently, Titan (which thankfully kind of fizzled out by the time it reached New Bedford). So we’ve already seen our share of snow. Thankfully, as Elsa (performed by Idina Menzel) sang in Disney’s Frozen, “the cold never bothered me anyway.”

One thing that didn’t really take any getting used to, however, is living near the ocean. Sure, the wind off the water can be dreadfully cold, but it is equally beautiful. It seems like no matter where we go, water is always close by and the views are absolutely stunning. We love watching the boats undulating on the water as waves lap at their hulls like wet little fingers, urging the vessels to set sail and head out to sea. When the sun shines bright or the moon is full and high in the night sky, the light dances on those waves, shimmering like gorgeous gems.

Also, the sunsets over New England are magnificent. Last night, for example, I had to run into the grocery store after work and before I went inside I stopped and looked up, and it was as if the sky had been painted by a brilliant master artist. More often than not, the sky offers us an ever-changing panorama of color that stops us dead in our tracks and we can’t help but gape at it in awe.

Fairhaven sunset

Fairhaven sunset (Photo by Jathan Fink/Jadeworks Entertainment)

Between the sky and the sea, it is easy to feel connected to the planet’s elements too and we’ve found that our stress level just dissipates, almost as if by magic. No matter what is happening in our lives, if we stand still and just feel the wind blow through our hair, inhale the salty-sweet scent of the sea, and stare up at the magnificent sky, nothing else really seems to matter. All our troubles just melt away and we feel at one with nature.

Our friends in other parts of the country have called or sent us notes via text or email asking how we are adjusting to the colder climate, but in all honesty, this has been one of the easiest transitions we have ever made. Now we just want everyone else to visit our new home to experience the magic of New England, where history thrives, nature nurtures, and our souls have found solace in a tranquil fishing town by the sea.

Sparkling Fairhaven

Sparkling Fairhaven (Photo by Jathan Fink/Jadeworks Entertainment)

About Jathan Fink
Jathan is a journalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is also a travel junkie, foodie and jazz aficionado. A California native, he resides in Texas.

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  1. Rick Curtis says:

    Where are you guys? Send me your #! Thanks!

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