Fear Has An Agenda In Lisa Jackson’s ‘Expecting to Die’ [REVIEW]

Woods at night

In Lisa Jackson’s Expecting to Die, someone is watching teens in the moonlit woods. (Photo by Ryan and Sarah Deeds, Flickr)

In Grizzly Falls, urban legends aren’t just stories told around the campfire to keep children awake at night. Deep in the woods, under the shroud of night, a sinister figure is watching… waiting… ready to kill. In Lisa Jackson’s newest Selena Alvarez/Regan Pescoli novel, Expecting to Die, fear has an agenda and it starts with Big Foot. Read more of this post

Jennifer Ryan’s ‘Stone Cold Cowboy’ is Out for Justice [REVIEW]

Handsome cowboy leaning on gate

When someone starts stealing cattle from his ranch, Rory Kendrick seeks justice but ends up with more than he bargained for. (Photo courtesy Avon Books)

When Rory Kendrick’s cattle start to disappear, he’s intent on bringing the thief to justice. But then an unexpected discovery may give him a sudden change of heart in New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ryan’s Stone Cold Cowboy.
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