‘Donna’ is the Envy of All Her Peers in V.C. Andrews’ New Novella [REVIEW]


Being both beautiful and gifted is more of a curse than an asset for high school student Donna. (Photo by Robert Bejil, Flickr)

Before readers discovered Mayfair in V.C. Andrews®’ Bittersweet Dreams, there were four other girls just as bright and beautiful as she is. Together, they comprise the Girls of Spindrift: First there was Corliss. Now there is Donna. Find out what brings her to the legendary school for gifted teens in this brand-new novella.  Read more of this post

Mean Girls Pursue ‘Corliss’ in V.C. Andrews’ New Novella [REVIEW]

Girl in glasses

Smarter than everyone else, a teenage girl becomes a victim of vicious bullying in V.C. Andrews’ Corliss. (Photo by Rikard Elofsson, Flickr)

Mean girls always despise people who are smarter or prettier than they are. So it is no surprise when they gang up to pick on the beautiful math genius in their midst and make her life unbearable in V.C. Andrews’ latest novella, Corliss, the first book in the Girls of Spindrift series (the prequel to Bittersweet Dreams). Read more of this post

Esperanza Hurley Shines in Wyatt Hamilton’s ‘Harvey’ [VIDEOS]

When you’re a creative, something magical happens when an artist gets to work in their favorite medium. For our niece, Esperanza Hurley, this happens when she steps on stage to perform like she did in last weekend’s “Harvey.”  Read more of this post