Phaedra Patrick’s ‘The Library of Lost and Found’ Is Charming and Addictive [REVIEW]

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Can one book change your life? (Photo by Suzy Hazelwood, Flickr)

A shy librarian. A mysterious book. Once she opens it, there is no going back to life as she has always known it. Discover the secrets buried in the pages of Phaedra Patrick’s delicious new novel, The Library of Lost and Found.  Read more of this post

Coming Soon: Diamond Reviews!

Diamond Reviews

Our new Diamond Reviews will distinguish books we feel are must reads for our fans.
(Graphic by Jathan Fink, Jadeworks Entertainment)

You already know we love books. But we obviously don’t love all books with the same ferocity, and neither do our readers. Certain titles simply rise above the rest. But until now, some of our fans have wondered out of all the books we feature, which ones are absolute must reads? We finally figured out a way to distinguish these amazing books from the rest. We proudly present Diamond Reviews! Read more of this post

How Books Have Influenced My Life [INTERVIEW]

Heather Fink and Sarah Silverthorne baking

Heather and colleague Sarah Silverthorne cook up some fun at the public library. (Photo by Adrienne R. Morton)

Books are my life. It seems like I’m either reading them, shelving them, reviewing them, checking them out to patrons, or chatting with authors and publishers about what is coming out next. I’ve spent most of my adulthood working at various libraries across the country, so I typically have a lot to say on the topic. And on rare occasions some folks decide I might make a good interview subject because of my voracious literary appetite! Two weeks ago, Adrienne R. Morton with the Friends of the Library came by to chat with me, and I thought I’d share that piece with you here. I hope you enjoy the interview and some of the pictures I’ve posed for during the past year! Read more of this post

Work in Progress: A Conversation with Author Glen Erik Hamilton [INTERVIEW]

Glen Erik Hamilton

Author Glen Erik Hamilton on the ferry to Bainbridge Island. (Photo courtesy Glen Erik Hamilton, Facebook)

Glen Erik Hamilton is one of our favorite new authors. Creator of the thrilling Van Shaw series, he catapulted onto the scene in 2015 with his debut novel Past Crimes, which was quickly met with critical acclaim by some of the publishing industry’s biggest names. J.A. Jance calls him “a gifted writer with a sure hand,” and Lee Child says, “this guy has got what it takes.” We wholeheartedly agree on all counts!

Recently we had the good fortune to catch up with Hamilton in the midst of the publicity campaign for his sophomore title, Hard Cold Winter, which released in March. We took the opportunity to find out the real story behind his success, who inspired Van Shaw, and why we should all be concerned with what is happening to our veterans. We hope you enjoy this rare insight into the man behind the pen.  Read more of this post

Break No Bones

Kathy Reichs' Break No Bones

Filled with plot twists and turns, "Break No Bones" keeps the reader guessing until the final page.

In our new book club selection, a woman finds freshly buried skeleton in the midst of a Native American burial ground.

In Break No Bones, bestselling novelist Kathy Reichs’ famed forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan teaches an archaeological field class on an island off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. While excavating the site, Brennan and her students find a body buried in a two-year-old shallow grave.

Emma, the county coroner, and Wilbourne, a feisty, interfering newspaper columnist, join Brennan in a race to discover the identity of the deceased. The trio seeks to discover why the body wasn’t given a proper burial and if this death has any religious connections. They also want to know why Dupree, the builder and engineer who owns the site, wants to start construction so quickly.

Throughout the novel, countless secrets are revealed about every character, including the local sheriff. The plot twists and turns keep the reader guessing until the final page.

With Break No Bones, Reichs pens a literary rollercoaster that will garner new fans and please old ones. Populated with quirky, authentic and very human characters, this novel is a fascinating and intricately plotted addition to the Bones franchise.

About the author: A Chicago native, Kathy Reichs is a world-renowned forensic anthropologist who taught FBI agents how to detect and recover human remains, identified body parts in her Montreal lab, and consulted for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in North Carolina and for the Laboratoire de Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale for the province of Québec. Reichs is the producer of the hit Fox television series, Bones, which is based on her work and bestselling novels. She currently divides her time between Charlotte, North Carolina and Montreal, Québec. Visit her Website online, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter, for more information.

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