How Books Have Influenced My Life [INTERVIEW]

Heather Fink and Sarah Silverthorne baking

Heather and colleague Sarah Silverthorne cook up some fun at the public library. (Photo by Adrienne R. Morton)

Books are my life. It seems like I’m either reading them, shelving them, reviewing them, checking them out to patrons, or chatting with authors and publishers about what is coming out next. I’ve spent most of my adulthood working at various libraries across the country, so I typically have a lot to say on the topic. And on rare occasions some folks decide I might make a good interview subject because of my voracious literary appetite! Two weeks ago, Adrienne R. Morton with the Friends of the Library came by to chat with me, and I thought I’d share that piece with you here. I hope you enjoy the interview and some of the pictures I’ve posed for during the past year!

The 14th Colony

Minotaur Books

Adrienne: What are you currently reading?

Heather: I am currently reading Steve Berry’s The 14th Colony, a fast-paced novel featuring Cotton Malone. He uses his military and cognitive skills against a former KGB operative who believes the Cold Was still exists. I really enjoy the novel’s numerous plot twists, which skillfully increases the suspense with each turn. For more than a year now, publishers have sent me advanced reader copies to be reviewed before the release date. This has introduced me to many authors that I was previously unfamiliar with and has broadened my scope, which ultimately allows me to recommend phenomenal reads to our patrons.

Heather Fink and staff at farmer's market

Heather and the gang hang out at the farmer’s market to tell the public about library services. (Photo by Adrienne R. Morton)

A: Where might we find you and/or what might we find you doing when you’re not working at the library?

H: My husband and I both love to cook, garden, take nature hikes and travel to interesting destinations. Many evenings my husband and I discuss what our dream home would look like, especially our kitchen and landscaping! Whether we attend fairs, concerts, plays, or other events around the city, we always share our experiences with our friends all around the globe via our blog at

Heather Fink with Joe the Baker and the library staff

Heather and the library staff learn cooking techniques with Joe the Baker at the farmer’s market. (Photo by Adrienne R. Morton)

A: How have libraries and books transformed you or your life in some way?

H: I grew up in a large family and money was very tight. Buying a book was a luxury. Therefore, my parents took us to the library every Friday evening after dinner. The only stipulation my parents had for each of us was that we always had to select a non-fiction book from another country. I remember my mother saying, “This way, if you never have the opportunity to travel to another country or experience another culture, you can do so through a book.” And so I became an arm chair traveler at a young age and books have influenced my life on a grand scale ever since.

Heather Fink and the library team

Heather and the gang celebrate the renovation of the public library. (Photo by Adrienne R. Morton)

A: Speaking of transformations, how do you think libraries will adapt to the constant evolution of technology?

H: I believe libraries have already been adapting to new technology as soon as it is fiscally prudent to do so. As such, library personnel work hard to keep abreast of the constantly evolving tech market in order to provide services that are most valuable to our communities. We offer free software, one-on-one tutorials and webinars to educate the public how to best use tomorrow’s devices today, and these education services will only continue to grow in keeping with public demand. So whether patrons are a tech novice or a self-proclaimed techno geek, our goal is to always be able to teach them something new and useful every time they visit the library.

About Heather Fink
Heather Fink is a writer, bibliophile and award-winning librarian who loves to introduce the next generation of readers to the wonderful world of books. She currently resides in Texas.

3 Responses to How Books Have Influenced My Life [INTERVIEW]

  1. debgilmore says:

    Heather,  I loved this email! Heather, ever since my dad got sick this winter; I have been giving him books from the library to read both audio and print.  He is so hooked, he has read well over 30 books!  The authors he likes are Janet Johnston (who I picked because the title had something to do with Texas) and Linda Laell Miller. He has also read all of Zane Grey.  Could you look and see who you suggest would be a good author to start new? It is getting warmer so me may get out a little more and not so much reading.  I love you Heather! Love, Deb

    • Jathan Fink says:

      Other authors he might like are John Jakes (author of the North and South trilogy about the Civil War), B.J. Daniels, C.J. Box, Robert B. Parker, and Diana Palmer.

  2. Kathyrieck says:

    Hey Heather, Norwood misses you!

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