Two Cases Collide in Catherine Coulter’s Shocking FBI Thriller, ‘Vortex’ [REVIEW]

House on fire
A college frat rave turns deadly in Catherine Coulter’s Vortex. (Photo courtesy Canva)

An investigative journalist uncovers a sinister secret. A CIA operative is savagely attacked. Will Savich and Sherlock be able to rescue them from danger and help them identify the cabal behind a compromised mission before precious intelligence is lost forever? Find out in Catherine Coulter’s 25th FBI thriller, Vortex!

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Closely Guarded Secrets Come to Light in J.T. Ellison’s New Shocker, ‘It’s One of Us’ [REVIEW]

Diamond Review Banner
Sometimes the darkest lies are the ones we tell ourselves. (Photo courtesy Canva)

When two people fall in love, it seems inevitable that they will eventually want to start a family. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, however, that dream is shattered into a million pieces when they discover one of them is infertile. Having experienced this firsthand, we know how devastating this can be. Now, in It’s One of Us, master storyteller J. T. Ellison (Her Dark Lies) offers readers a look into the troubled world of couples who are unable to have a child. But this story comes with a shocking twist, one you will never see coming.

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In Kerri Carpenter’s ‘Come What Maybe,’ Going Home Is Only the Beginning [REVIEW]

Couple walking in the surf at the beach
Sometimes unexpected detours lead to the right destination. (Photo courtesy Canva)

It is difficult to keep secrets in small towns—especially a great big juicy one! But that’s exactly what one woman strives to do when she returns home to visit her family. As she goes to great lengths to keep her personal information private, her high school nemesis refuses to keep his distance. Will his presence help or hinder her plan? Find out in Kerri Carpenter’s Come What Maybe.

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Cathie Dunn’s ‘Ascent’ Welcomes Readers to the House of Normandy [BOOK BLAST]

Medieval woman with sword
(Photo courtesy Canva)

We love well-written, thoroughly researched historical fiction when it pulls back the veil of time and introduces us to people, places, and events that we are otherwise unfamiliar with. But outside of shows like the History Channel’s Vikings and DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon, we haven’t really been exposed to vast quantities of Viking lore, except through historical romances by authors like Johanna Lindsey (Fires of Winter, Hearts Aflame, Surrender My Love) and Catherine Coulter (Season of the Sun, Lord of Hawkfell Island, Lord of Raven’s Peak, Lord of Falcon Ridge) back in the 1980s and 1990s. Still, we don’t recall any of those books digging as deep into the annals of history as Cathie Dunn is doing with her new series about the early women of the House of Normandy. If you love history and have a penchant for stories about strong women and Viking legends, you’re going to devour her first book, Ascent. Enjoy! —J&H

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In Lydia Drake’s ‘Cinderella and the Duke’ a Little Female Ingenuity Goes a Long Way [REVIEW]

Glass slipper
The right shoes can help a girl accomplish any task. (Photo courtesy Canva)

She’s a lovely spinster determined to escape her stepmother’s evil clutches. He’s a confirmed bachelor with a bad—but not altogether unwarranted—reputation. One night at a ball may be all either of them needs to alter the course of their lives forever. But will they be lured into one another’s arms, or continue life as the solitary creatures they’ve always been? Find out in Lydia Drake’s enchanting new romance, Cinderella and the Duke.

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