Two Cases Collide in Catherine Coulter’s Shocking FBI Thriller, ‘Vortex’ [REVIEW]

House on fire
A college frat rave turns deadly in Catherine Coulter’s Vortex. (Photo courtesy Canva)

An investigative journalist uncovers a sinister secret. A CIA operative is savagely attacked. Will Savich and Sherlock be able to rescue them from danger and help them identify the cabal behind a compromised mission before precious intelligence is lost forever? Find out in Catherine Coulter’s 25th FBI thriller, Vortex!

Catherine Coulter's VORTEX

In this riveting tale of suspense and intrigue, journalist Mia Briscoe discovers photos which cause her to look into her best friend’s untimely death which occurred seven years before at a college frat rave party.

Mia has never forgotten that night and has always sought closure for herself and the family. Now she must follow her leads and bring those responsible to justice. But as Mia wanders down this twisty road, she becomes a target and needs the FBI’s help to stay alive.

Across the globe, CIA operative Olivia Hildebrandt is tasked with bringing home an undercover operative with classified documents from Iran. However, the exfiltration doesn’t go as planned. Much of her team become causalities, including a team member who goes missing stateside.

When Hildebrandt herself is attacked on American soil, she suffers memory loss and other injuries which slow down the investigation, at least until Agent Savich offers assistance.

In Vortex, Coulter creates characters who take up residence in our imaginations, particularly as we ponder what the killer and his minions’ motives truly are, and what would drive them over the edge to commit such a crime. Most of all, this novel prods us to wonder just how many of us are simply a breath away from walking on the dark side of villainy.

Two strong, intricate and action-packed plots intertwine as Coulter masterfully weaves her web of betrayal that will not only blow readers minds but will keep them turning pages until they reach the brilliant, shocking conclusion. No Coulter fan should miss Vortex!

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About the author

Catherine Coulter is the number one New York Times bestselling author of 87 novels, including the FBI Thriller series and the Brit in the FBI international thriller series, cowritten with J.T. Ellison.

Coulter lives in Sausalito, California, with her Obermensch husband and their two noble cats, Peyton and Eli.

You can reach her at

To learn more, visit and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.

By Catherine Coulter
400 pp. William Morrow. $28.99
ISBN 978-0-06-300408-5

Purchase direct from Jathan & Heather Books or from anywhere else fine books are sold.

Catherine Coulter
Catherine Coulter
(Photo by Charles Bush)

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