Heather Graham’s ‘Danger in Numbers’ is a Dark and Twisty Nail Biter [REVIEW]

Florida swamp
Death waits beneath a canopy of old Florida trees and Spanish moss in Heather Graham’s Danger in Numbers. (Photo courtesy Canva)

When a ritual murder is discovered in Florida swamp country, it doesn’t take long for law enforcement to make their way to the scene. But when both local authorities and the feds show up to work the case, whose jurisdiction does it fall under? Will egos get in the way or will both sides be able to set aside their differences and work together to find a killer before more blood is shed? Find out in Heather Graham’s riveting new thriller, Danger in Numbers.

Heather Graham's DANGER IN NUMBERS
Mira Books

Special Agent Amy Larson of the Florida state police may look like she just graduated from the academy, but she has been around long enough to see a thing or two. Still, when she first sees the victim posed grotesquely on a remote Florida road, it is clearly the worst thing she’s seen to date. A gifted artist, she sets about sketching the scene, looking for clues, soaking up every detail, no matter how minute. That’s when she finds something that makes her think this may be only the beginning of a deranged psychopath’s horrific killing spree.

When Special Agent Hunter Forrest of the FBI shows up on the scene, he quickly deduces that the murder is part of a cult ritual. After all, he’s seen cases like this one before and he even wonders if this death is related to another case he’s been working on up north. What’s more, Hunter has a very particular set of skills that makes him the perfect man to work this case. Still, despite all appearances to the contrary, he hasn’t come to take over the case, just to consult and offer his services, and once that fact is established Amy and Hunter are soon putting their heads together to solve this crime as quickly as possible.

The case leads them throughout rural Florida, from fetid swamps to shrinking towns where everyone seems to know one another but no one really has any helpful information. The deeper the two agents dig however, the farther they drift from civilization, and the more perilous the case becomes. Soon it becomes apparent that a dangerous sect is at the heart of this case, led by a charismatic leader that gives David Koresh a run for his money. Will Amy and Hunter be able to track down the illusive leader before he makes his next sacrifice?

Danger in Numbers is classic Graham. Dark and twisty, with danger lurking around every corner, the pages practically turn themselves as we follow the two agents from the Everglades—where practically everything can kill you—to upstate Florida, where the population makes the critters down south look tame by comparison. It is clear that this is Graham’s territory though, because this story is so atmospheric you can feel the oppressive Florida heat beating down on you as you swat at swarms of mosquitos while walking through fields of sugarcane.

Thankfully, as good as Graham is at vivid descriptions, she doesn’t immerse us in too much gore. Sure, she tells us what happens and how victims die, but this tends to be more of a police procedural type mystery than a gross slasher novel. In fact, in true Graham style, she puts the focus on the her characters, the people they encounter, and the relationships they forge. For instance, we learn how Amy and Hunter both have learned their skills from capable mentors, and how important those individuals still are in their lives. There’s also a dash of romance here for good measure (after all, Mira is a Harlequin imprint), but it is kept in perspective so the story is more prime time network film and less late night cable movie.

If you enjoy a good suspenseful yarn that will make you scratch your head, jump off your chair occasionally and bite your nails often, Danger in Numbers is your perfect summer thriller.

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Author Heather Graham
Heather Graham
(Photo by Marti Corn)


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham has written more than 200 novels. She is pleased to have been published in over 25 languages, with 60 million books in print. Heather is a proud recipient of the Silver Bullet from Thriller Writers and was awarded the prestigious Thriller Master Award in 2016.

She is also a recipient of Lifetime Achievement Awards from RWA and The Strand, and is the founder of the Slush Pile Players, an author band and theatrical group. An avid scuba diver, ballroom dancer and mother of five, she still enjoys her South Florida home, but also loves to travel. Heather is grateful every day for a career she loves so very much.

To learn more, visit her at TheOriginalHeatherGraham.com, like her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, and subscribe to her channel on YouTube.

By Heather Graham
336 pp. Mira Books. $27.99

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