This May Be the Craziest Piece Ever Written for Piano [VIDEO]

This song is so fast the piano keys start to smoke! (Photo courtesy Rousseau/YouTube)

The piano is a huge part of my life. Having taken piano lessons for most of my youth, it has always provided me a means to relax. Even if I am not behind a keyboard myself, I love listening to pianists, regardless of the genre they’re playing. Growing up, I didn’t truly appreciate classical pieces like I do now because my first love has always been and always will be jazz. But when I came across this video on YouTube recently, it stopped me dead in my tracks because it may very well be the craziest piece I’ve heard or seen performed on the piano.

The music is titled “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2” and was composed by Hungarian pianist, conductor, music teacher, arranger, and organist Franz Liszt, who lived during the Romantic era (1811—1886). According to Britannica, he is best noted for “his 12 symphonic poems, two (completed) piano concerti, several sacred choral works, and a great variety of solo piano pieces.”

This piece is the second in a set of 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies composed by Liszt, according to MuseScore (where you will also find the full sheet music for this piece). Over the years, it has become widely popular, and you will find that it has been used in numerous animated cartoons. Our favorite was its use in Tom and Jerry’s “The Cat Concerto,” which you can watch below.

The version that captivated our attention recently, however, was that performed by Rousseau. This pianist, who covers both classical and pop songs using a reactive visualizer, already has nearly 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube alone, is a wonder to behold, and we think you’ll note why when you watch the following video. It is definitely a performance worth noting, which is why we felt compelled to share it. If you like this, be sure to let us know and subscribe to their channel. But you can also find Rousseau on Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, Spotify, and Twitter.

Liszt’s “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (Video courtesy Rousseau/YouTube)

Here’s the Tom and Jerry video we mentioned earlier. Enjoy!

Tom and Jerry’s “The Cat Concerto” (Video courtesy Boomerang Official/YouTube)

Do you remember this song being used in other animated cartoons? Tell us which ones below!

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