How Near-Infrared Light Therapy is Beneficial for Us

You might have heard of light therapy, but what does it do? (Photo courtesy Pixabay)

Infrared light therapy means getting exposed to enough intensity of infrared light for various health benefits. It is an invisible light with a frequency below that of the red light. We feel gentle radiant heat by exposing ourselves to the sun because it creates infrared heat in our tissues. Artificial infrared light therapy tries to follow the same mechanism.

The infrared spectrum has three types. These are: Near, Mid, and Fair infrared spectrum.

Near-infrared light consists of 700 – 1400 nm wavelengths, creates the most heat but does not penetrate deep into human tissues. The mitochondria function, which can increase metabolism, improve tissue repair, and reduce inflammation, is between the range of 760 – 895 nm.

Like exercise, heat exposure has several health benefits. For example, to improve your heart and blood vessels’ health and increase the euphoric hormone endorphin, both exercise and heat works to the cardiovascular system. This therapy also improves your immune function, sleep quality, and detoxification through sweating.

Many people are desperately looking for various health benefits like removing body pain, reducing acne, improving their beauty, etc. They can get those benefits from NIR therapy very easily.

Studies also suggest that near-infrared light therapy can promote skin collagen production to help prevent and reduce wrinkles, speed wound healing, diminish scarring, prevent herpes simplex cold sore breakouts, and more.

Benefits of Near Infrared Light Therapy:

For Home:

Why isn’t infrared therapy more widespread? Until recently, cost and convenience were significant factors.

Older NIR therapy technology has been used in labs that were very expensive and not friendly to use at home.

As research continued and our understanding of NIR light improved, researchers learned that lasers weren’t a necessary part of treatment. Red and near-infrared therapy LED panels emerged in specialty anti-aging clinics, but the average person would expect to pay up to $300 for a single treatment session.

These barriers no longer exist because of advanced technology and the availability of infrared lamps designed for home use. Convenient therapy sessions at home mean you don’t have to go to a medical facility to get NIR light therapy’s benefits. It is helpful for those who can’t travel much and also save medical costs.

Since the risks of using infrared lamps are minimal, you can use them without having a doctor or medical expert presence. This device’s use is very like plugging it in and applying the light to the affected area.

(Before you start the therapy at home, you should consult a doctor to see if it is right for you. A doctor can help access the severity of the condition for which you want to use the therapy and help you determine whether it is right for you or not.)

Benefits for Pain

Near-infrared therapy has proven effective at reducing pain in virtually all areas of the body. It improved blood circulation that helps the cells rejuvenate, which then repairs and enhances the tissues faster to recover more quickly from your injury.

Near-Infrared Light for Back Pain

Infrared light therapy can provide relief from back pain. You should apply the light directly to the back area that is in pain to take full advantage of the therapy’s benefits.

The infrared light improves circulation and can reduce pain when muscles are fatigued or accumulate metabolites in your lower back that activate the pain receptors.

For Shoulder Pain

If you experience shoulder joint pain or have experienced inflammation in the shoulder region, the application of infrared light therapy can provide relief. The light can help the cells rejuvenate and work to repair the region at a faster pace while the improved blood circulation in the area will provide pain relief.

For Knee Pain

Like shoulder and back pain, people with knee joint pain can also get benefit from infrared light therapy.

While the therapy can provide pain relief and shorten the recovery time, there may be underlying problems, the therapy cannot fix. These potentially unknown underlying health problems make it essential to consult a doctor to determine the best solution.

For Arthritis Pain Relief

It also helps people to reduce arthritis (osteoarthritis). The near-infrared wavelengths help improve blood circulation and rejuvenate cells.

For Skin

NIR light stimulates collagen and elastin production, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. NIR therapy can also positively affect the appearance of scars, surface varicose veins, acne, and cellulite. Photobiomodulation is largely recognized as a safe and welcome method of anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

Reversing UV damage involves repairing cellular and DNA damage, much like when the skin heals a wound. NIR light does this extremely well through stimulating collagen, fighting inflammation, stimulating cellular energy production, and even promoting DNA repair. Near-Infrared and red light therapy is a great alternative to anti-aging cosmetic surgeries, Botox injections. For combating skin aging, red and near-infrared light is a non-invasive tool used at home.

For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is one type of skin condition that results in the rapid change of the skin cells. Individuals with psoriasis develop rough painful areas on their skin that people sometimes refer to as silvery scales. The condition is an autoimmune disease with no known cure, but there are options to ease its symptoms.

The infrared light rays penetrate deep into the skin cells and slow the cells’ growth rate
affected by psoriasis. This process reduces the scales, also known as plaques, and provides relief from the pain they cause.

For Lyme Disease

The positive effects of infrared light therapy on these symptoms can provide relief for people with Lyme disease.

Studies indicate that red/NIR light can support optimal immune function in a wide variety of different scenarios and health conditions.

With the wealth of research at our disposal, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of near-infrared light therapy. The closest thing to a “miracle drug” to be discovered in most of our lifetimes, NIR therapy is now being used to address everything from pain to broken bones to memory loss.

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  1. shadda says:

    Great article, very informative. I’m a big believer in red light therapy, it can do amazing things with our skin and beyond.

  2. Lotus Laura says:

    I’ve heard a little bit about this! Thinking about trying it myself…

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