Alex Kava Sends Readers on a Terrifying Savenger Hunt in ‘Lost Creed’ [REVIEW]

Snow Dogs

Ryder Creed rescues abandoned dogs and turns them into heroes in Alex Kava’s Lost Creed. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Immanuel Johnson/Released)

He’s always been the one to rescue his canine companions. But when a madman leads a former Marine and the FBI on a hair-raising scavenger hunt, it may be the dogs’ turn to do the rescuing in Alex Kava’s thrilling new novel, Lost Creed. 

Alex Kava's LOST CREED

Prairie Wind Publishing

It’s been 16 years since Brodie Creed vanished from an interstate rest stop. Only 11 years old at the time of her disappearance, the incident devastated her family, including her big brother, Ryder, and her absence has haunted him ever since.

These days, Creed runs a K9 business in which he rescues abandoned and discarded dogs and trains them for scent detection. Working with his courageous canines, Creed utilizes the skills he learned as a Marine to find people who are missing or lost. Yet the one person he’s never been able to find, no matter how much he may hope to, is his little sister, Brodie.

Thousands of miles away, FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell is working a police raid when she stumbles across a clue that may explain what happened to Brodie all those years ago. To reveal what the pieces of the puzzle mean, she has to make a deal with the devil and begin a search that will cost both her and Creed dearly. But will the answers they find be the ones they hope to discover?

With Lost Creed, Alex Kava adds another nail-biting chapter to the Creed saga. For those faithful readers who devoured the previous three books in the series, she addresses lots of our burning questions and fills in many of the gaps of Ryder’s past. Also, like the master storyteller that she is, Kava propels the story by dropping clues aplenty, and tensions mount as we wait to discover whether they are solid leads or just another red herring.

As Maggie and Ryder work the case together, their internal struggles also bubble to the surface. Navigating new territory can be difficult in the best of circumstances, but under such an intense situation, emotions run high as the duo seeks closure for the Creed family after 16 years of unanswered questions. The result is a novel that is compulsively readable and impossible to put down… even if it does leave your stomach in knots!

Packed with dicey situations, compelling characters, unexpected twists and relentless tension, Lost Creed is a welcome chapter to the Creed canon. But don’t fret. This isn’t likely to be the end of the series, as the author leaves the door open for more adventures for both of her beloved protagonists. But we’re not complaining. After all, these are two of suspense fiction’s best characters, and we’re always grateful when they live to fight another day.

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Alex Kava

Alex Kava
(Photo by Deborah Groh Carlin)


Alex Kava is the New York Times, USA Today and Amazon-bestselling author of the critically acclaimed Maggie O’Dell series and a new series featuring former Marine, Ryder Creed and his K9 dogs.

Her stand-alone novel, One False Move, was chosen for the 2006 One Book One Nebraska and her political thriller, Whitewash, was one of January Magazine’s best thrillers of the year.

Published in over 34 countries, and selling 6+ million copies, Kava’s novels have made the bestseller lists in the UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Italy and Poland. She is also a co-author of the e-novellas Slices of Night and Storm Season with Erica Spindler and J.T. Ellison.

Her novel Stranded was awarded both a Florida Book Award and the Nebraska Book Award. She is a member of the Nebraska Writers Guild and International Thriller Writers.

Kava divides her time between Omaha, Nebraska and Pensacola, Florida. Visit her online at, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

By Alex Kava
346 pgs. Prairie Wind Publishing. $27.

Purchase Lost Creed at one of these fine online retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, and Powell’s.

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