Alex Kava’s New Ryder Creed Novel Announced

The Storms

Storms are on their way in Alex Kava’s new thriller! (Photo by elycefeliz, Flickr)

If you’re as big an Alex Kava fan as I am and love her Ryder Creed novels even half as much as I do, brace yourselves… there is going to be a fifth book debuting this spring! I know we were all speculating whether or not the previous book, Lost Creed, was the capstone to the series or not, but thank goodness I was right when I reviewed that book and suggested she had more stories to tell about the former Marine and his team of K9 scent dogs. Now here’s what we know so far.


Prairie Wind Publishing

The new novel is titled Desperate Creed and will hit shelves late this spring. The exact release date is yet to be determined, so stay tuned. I’ll get those details out to you as soon as I know them.

What is the story about, you ask? Well, according to Kava, this chapter of the Creed saga takes us to Alabama where Ryder and the dogs are searching for survivors after a series of deadly storms devastate the area. To make matters worse, more storms are on the way, making their venture even more perilous as they dig through debris in an effort to save lives and beat the clock!

Now, if you haven’t read Lost Creed yet, stop reading!

That’s right. There are spoilers ahead.

Okay… you’ve been warned!

For those of you who are caught up on the series so far, you know that in the previous book, Ryder finally rescued his sister Brodie after she was held captive for 16 years. Well, now that she’s back she is wrestling with her personal demons. As you can only imagine, that’s a lot of trauma for a young woman to wrap her mind around! Thank goodness her big brother is there to help.

Meanwhile, FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell is also on the scene, only she is trapped beneath the storm’s rubble… with someone who may or may not be a killer. Jeez, I feel my blood pumping faster already!

Like you, I can’t wait to get my hands on this new book. If you want to be among the first to read it, and get a personalized autographed copy to boot, pre-order Desperate Creed today on Alex’s website. She’s even giving readers a $5 discount if they use promo code VIRDC. But hurry, this promotion is only for a limited time. So order yours today! Also, don’t forget to click the button below to add the novel to your TBR list on Goodreads.

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Alex Kava

Alex Kava
(Photo by Deborah Groh Carlin)


Alex Kava is the New York Times, USA Today and Amazon-bestselling author of the critically acclaimed Maggie O’Dell series and a new series featuring former Marine, Ryder Creed and his K9 dogs.

Her stand-alone novel, One False Move, was chosen for the 2006 One Book One Nebraska and her political thriller, Whitewash, was one of January Magazine’s best thrillers of the year.

Published in over 34 countries, and selling 6+ million copies, Kava’s novels have made the bestseller lists in the UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Italy and Poland. She is also a co-author of the e-novellas Slices of Night and Storm Season with Erica Spindler and J.T. Ellison.

Her novel Stranded was awarded both a Florida Book Award and the Nebraska Book Award. She is a member of the Nebraska Writers Guild and International Thriller Writers.

Kava divides her time between Omaha, Nebraska and Pensacola, Florida. Visit her online at, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

By Alex Kava
Prairie Wind Publishing. $27.

Pre-order Desperate Creed directly from the author at

Alex Kava's DESPERATE CREED announcement

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2 Responses to Alex Kava’s New Ryder Creed Novel Announced

  1. Linda Deshane says:

    When is forgiven creed due out?

    • Jathan Fink says:

      Hi Linda, sorry to keep you waiting, but we finally heard from Alex Kava’s camp and her next novel, FALLEN CREED, is now due out in March 2022. Thanks for your question! –J&H

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