David Baldacci’s ‘The Last Mile’ Is One Twisty Thriller [REVIEW]


Will an eleventh hour confession free a convicted killer? Find out in David Baldacci’s THE LAST MILE. (Photo by Moyan Brenn, Flickr)

In David Baldacci’s The Last Mile, the highly anticipated follow-up book to 2015’s Memory Man, a prisoner on death row is potentially exonerated right before his execution when another inmate in a different state unexpectedly confesses to the crime. Now Detective Amos Decker, who forgets absolutely nothing, and his task force must work to beat the clock and find out if the new admission of guilt is actually true or not.

This time out, Decker is joined by journalist Alex Jamison; Special Agent Bogart with the FBI; Agent Todd Milligan; and clinical psychologist Lisa Davenport. Together, they form a special unit which reexamines cold cases in hopes of solving them once and for all.

David Baldacci's THE LAST MILE

Grand Central Publishing

When the eleventh hour confession seemingly liberates Melvin Mars, the man who had been sentenced to death in Texas for killing both his parents, questions abound. Now Decker’s team must find out: Why did the other convict confess now? Is the information true? And is it enough to expunge Mars’ record?

The Last Mile is one unforgettable read, packed with more plot twists than the switchback curves of the Pacific Coast Highway. Littered with red herrings, this book will keep readers guessing as they try to profile the killer along with Decker and his team, only to find that newly uncovered information will throw a wrench into their working theory.

When I heard Baldacci was writing a sequel to Memory Man, I could not wait until it is was released. But then I hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed by the second book in the Decker saga. I need not have worried, because I can honestly say I enjoyed reading The Last Mile just as much as the first novel in the series.

Is it an overstatement to call this novel brilliant? I think not. From beginning to end, this book is absolutely riveting, fast paced, and masterfully plotted. And as with Memory Man, Amos Decker proves that he has what it takes to support a series of his own. So do yourself a favor. Don’t walk to the library or book store. Run! You don’t want to miss reading David Baldacci’s The Last Mile.

David Baldacci

David Baldacci
(Photo by Alexander James)


David Baldacci is the international bestselling author of 31 novels for adults, including The Guilty, Memory Manand The EscapeSeveral of his books have been adapted for film and television, including his 1996 debut novel, Absolute Power, which starred and was directed by Clint Eastwood. More than 110 million copies of his books are in print worldwide, having been translated into more than 45 languages and sold in more than 80 countries.

David is also the author of five novels for young readers, including the number one bestseller The Finisher, which is in development for a feature film, and its number one sequel, The Keeper

Together with his wife, Elizabeth, the Baldaccis founded the Wish You Well Foundation®, which supports family and adult literacy in the United States by fostering and promoting the development and expansion of literacy and educational programs.

David lives in Virginia with his family. Visit his home on the Web, like him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.

By David Baldacci
432 pgs. 417. Grand Central Publishing. $29.

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Heather Fink is a writer, bibliophile and award-winning librarian who loves to introduce the next generation of readers to the wonderful world of books. She currently resides in Texas.

One Response to David Baldacci’s ‘The Last Mile’ Is One Twisty Thriller [REVIEW]

  1. Hal Brown says:

    I agree with you comments. Having read everything by Baldacci, Worth a mention is how Melvin and Amos bonded over their both having had their parents murdered, and over their football past. I think this is one of his best. They both had in common severe difficulty with emotional closeness, so I found this quite moving.
    I expect Melvin Mars will partner up with Amos in the next novel, which I trust will become another one of Baldacci’s series. I’m surprised you didn’t personalize this review given that you now live in Texas. I like the photo you used.

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