Bikers That Aren’t Bad To The Bone [VIDEO]

On our way toward this weekend’s vacation destination, we stopped at a small restaurant to have a snack when it looked like the cast of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ swept into town on their Harley’s, decked out in leather, looking rugged and forbidding. It was easy to see why many people averted their eyes and turned away as the bikers ambled into the restaurant where we were dining. But what happened next was going to be anyone’s guess.

One of the organization’s leaders sat down beside us, his head shaved, knuckles encrusted in huge silver rings, and his jacket emblazoned with numerous badges, several of which referenced BACA.

For those of you who know Heather, you know that she never meets a stranger. “Are you guys all enjoying your ride,” she asked.

They agreed that they were and the bald guy offered us a hesitant smile as his friends immersed themselves in conversation.

“So are you all in the same motorcycle club? Is that what BACA. is,” Heather said.

That’s when our dining neighbor reached into his pocket and pulled out two pamphlets and handed them to us. “We are,” he said. He explained that his friends came from all over Texas and Oklahoma, from as far away as The Colony, Plano and Longview. Then he told us that BACA stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse, which is an international brotherhood that welcomes anyone who can ride a motorcycle, a trike or even drive a car. The group offers protection to children who have to testify against the people that have abused or molested them.

This rang a bell for me, and when I told him that one of my DJs, Jeff Easterling, had done a piece on them last year, it turned out that our new friend was the exact same guy Jeff had interviewed. Talk about a small world!

We compared notes, telling him how we’ve both worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters over the years, and we felt a touch of solidarity before we parted ways. They were headed to the boats to do a bit of gambling, but we had farther to travel. But we’ll fill you in more on that in a bit. In the meantime, watch the video above about BACA to find out more about this very interesting and protective band of brothers.

About Jathan Fink
Jathan is a journalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is also a travel junkie, foodie and jazz aficionado. A California native, he resides in Texas.

2 Responses to Bikers That Aren’t Bad To The Bone [VIDEO]

  1. Debby says:

    I’ve heard about this group here in Cinti and it does good things!

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