‘Martha Stewart’s Very Good Things’ Is Packed Full of Useful Life Hacks You Never Realized You Needed to Know [REVIEW]

Martha Stewart knows a good thing when she sees it. (Photo courtesy Martha Stewart/Facebook)

For as long as I can remember, I have loved watching Martha Stewart and reading Martha Stewart Living. And anytime she says, “It’s a good thing,” I pay particular attention, because it means she is showing us a simpler, smarter, more sensible way of doing something. I try to file away these good things for use around my home, to enhance my workspace, or when I plan a gathering for friends. Now more than 500 of those tips and tricks have been compiled into one must-have volume, Martha Stewart’s Very Good Things.

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Bring Order to Your Life, Home and Routines with ‘Martha Stewart’s Organizing’ [REVIEW]

Dog looks in kitchen window

Put your favorite things on display. Organize your home today! (Photo courtesy Canva)

Are you tired of living in chaos? Would you like to bring more order to your home, job, and family? If you don’t know where to start, America’s favorite homemaker has you covered! In a book filled with fabulous tips to streamline every aspect of your existence, Martha Stewart’s Organizing shows you how to clear the clutter so you can love your life again. Read more of this post