Escape to ‘The Summer Country’ in Lauren Willig’s Epic New Novel [REVIEW]

An exotic locale holds the key to an English woman’s future in The Summer Country. (Photo by Canva)

A vicar’s daughter. A surprise inheritance. Hidden family secrets. When one young woman gets the chance to forge her own destiny, will she be able to defy convention and build a life in an exotic land? Find out in Lauren Willig’s intoxicating new novel, The Summer Country.

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A Little Sugar Goes A Long Way

Heather and friend

Heather gets a little sugar from a friend. (Photo by Jathan Fink, Jadeworks Entertainment)

It seems we can’t go very long in America without having conversations about race and all the tension that inevitably comes along with it. Someone is constantly stirring up trouble. Yet the U.S. is frequently called a melting pot and has a history steeped in immigration, according to BBC News. So why can’t we see past our differences and simply get along? Read more of this post

What’s On Our iPod: Four Of Our Favorite Saxophonists Of All Time [VIDEOS]


Saxophone music seems to play wherever we go.
(Photo by Evonne, Flickr)

Nearly everywhere we travel, whether we’re standing on a subway platform in New York, wandering around Navy Pier in Chicago or walking down Bourbon Street in New Orleans, the sweet sounds of a 19th-century Belgian inventor’s most famous creation seems to find our ears. Read more of this post



Snickerdoodles are delicious and easy to prepare. (Photo by Jathan Fink, Jadeworks Entertainment)

The first cookie I ever learned to make is Snickerdoodles. I loved them because they were fairly simple to prepare, but quite delicious and addictive. Basically a yummy butter cookie, this New England staple gets its flavor from cinnamon and sugar. Be prepared to make a lot of these, because once your family tastes this delightful gem, they won’t last long! Read more of this post