Explore America’s Most Scenic Places in DK Eyewitness’s ‘USA National Parks: Lands of Wonder’ [REVIEW]

Grand Canyon
Break out your backpack. We’re going on a trip. (Photo courtesy Canva)

Publishers seem to be on an “America” theme lately, as you may have noticed from our recent reviews. With it being an election year—added to the fact that we’re all being encouraged to stay in place as much as possible due to the pandemic—we suppose it’s only natural for the literary world to start examining what’s close to home. Since most of us seem to be battling an intense case of wanderlust, the latest book by DK Eyewitness couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Get ready to explore USA National Parks: Lands of Wonder.

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RaeAnne Thayne’s ‘Evergreen Springs’ Restores Hope In Second Chances [REVIEW]

RaeAnne Thayne's Evergreen Springs

Will single father and rancher Cole Barrett be able to keep his family together in the wake of disaster? Find out in RaeAnne Thayne’s EVERGREEN SPRINGS. (Photo courtesy HQN Books)

In RaeAnne Thayne’s Evergreen Springs, she transports readers back to Haven Point where a grumpy rancher has his life turned upside down by children, a celebration, and the optimistic physician who have blown into his life. Read more of this post