Tee O’Fallon Launches New K-9 Special Ops Series with ‘Tough Justice’ [REVIEW]

Not all heroes are human. (Photo courtesy Canva)

In this action-packed tale of romantic suspense, a DEA K-9 agent races against the clock to stop a sudden rise in drug overdoses in Tough Justice, the first installment in Tee O’Fallon’s new K-9 Special Ops series.

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Governess’s Courage Prevails Over the Civil War in Tamera Alexander’s ‘With This Pledge’ [REVIEW]

Carnton at Dusk

Inside the walls of Carnton Plantation, a governess does what she can to face down slavery. (Photo by Rob Shenk, Flickr)

As if being a Southern woman with views of her own weren’t difficult enough, a young governess is forced to take a stand when the Civil War comes knocking at her employer’s doorstep. But will her strength and determination be enough to carry her through the most difficult time of her life? Find out in Tamera Alexander’s breathtaking new historical novel, With this Pledge.  Read more of this post