Cathie Dunn’s ‘Ascent’ Welcomes Readers to the House of Normandy [BOOK BLAST]

Medieval woman with sword
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We love well-written, thoroughly researched historical fiction when it pulls back the veil of time and introduces us to people, places, and events that we are otherwise unfamiliar with. But outside of shows like the History Channel’s Vikings and DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon, we haven’t really been exposed to vast quantities of Viking lore, except through historical romances by authors like Johanna Lindsey (Fires of Winter, Hearts Aflame, Surrender My Love) and Catherine Coulter (Season of the Sun, Lord of Hawkfell Island, Lord of Raven’s Peak, Lord of Falcon Ridge) back in the 1980s and 1990s. Still, we don’t recall any of those books digging as deep into the annals of history as Cathie Dunn is doing with her new series about the early women of the House of Normandy. If you love history and have a penchant for stories about strong women and Viking legends, you’re going to devour her first book, Ascent. Enjoy! —J&H

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In Lydia Drake’s ‘Cinderella and the Duke’ a Little Female Ingenuity Goes a Long Way [REVIEW]

Glass slipper
The right shoes can help a girl accomplish any task. (Photo courtesy Canva)

She’s a lovely spinster determined to escape her stepmother’s evil clutches. He’s a confirmed bachelor with a bad—but not altogether unwarranted—reputation. One night at a ball may be all either of them needs to alter the course of their lives forever. But will they be lured into one another’s arms, or continue life as the solitary creatures they’ve always been? Find out in Lydia Drake’s enchanting new romance, Cinderella and the Duke.

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Escape to Scotland in Vanessa Kelly’s Latest Chapter in the Clan Kendrick Series [REVIEW]

Edinburgh, Scotland
Danger lurks in the streets of Edinburgh. (Photo by Pixabay on

She’s a feisty widow in search of answers. He’s a physician who just wants to help. When their paths collide after a frightening incident on the city streets of Edinburgh, the course of their lives may be changed forever. But will they be able to silence the ghosts of the past and embrace new opportunities? Find out in Vanessa Kelly’s fifth installment in the Clan Kendrick series, The Highlander’s Holiday Wife.

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Opposites Attract in Jennifer Haymore’s ‘The Duke’s Rules of Engagement’ [REVIEW]

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She’s Regency London’s hottest matchmaker. He’s the ton‘s most difficult duke. When he challenges her to find him a wife, she’s determined to scour high society in search of his ideal bride. The only trouble is, he believes love is a fool’s errand and simply wants someone who will make a good duchess. Will she be able to change his ideas about marriage or will this be one client she won’t be able to please? Find out in Jennifer Haymore’s The Duke’s Rules of Engagement.

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Love Blooms in Unexpected Places in Tina Gabrielle’s ‘How Not to Marry a Duke’ [COVER REVEAL]

View through stone archway into garden
Love blooms in the most unexpected places. (Photo courtesy Canva)

If you love Regency romance and have already binge watched both seasons of Bridgerton on Netflix, you may be wondering where you’ll get your next fix. Those who enjoyed season one (based on Julia Quinn’s The Duke and I) know the fake-relationship trope well and are aware of just how fun it can be. Now author Tina Gabrielle puts her own spin on this classic convention in her forthcoming novel, How Not to Marry a Duke.

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