How to Make Your Compliments Count

Free compliments

Free compliments for everyone! (Photo by Memphis CVB, Flickr)

I was doing my school work and it started saying something about communication, and I thought, ‘What a perfect time to procrastinate.’ So I started researching what makes a genuinely good compliment, and the interwebs suggested that I reflect on what kind of compliments I enjoy receiving, or which ones stand out more than others, because odds are, other people probably like similar compliments. Read more of this post

‘Listening For What Matters’ Helps Doctors Avoid Contextual Errors In Health Care [REVIEW]

Dr Todd Hnatko checks eyes of a Ugandan patient

U.S. Air Force Major Todd Hnatko, from the 148th Medical Group, Air National Guard, Duluth, MN, checks the eyes of a Ugandan patient during Natural Fire 10 at Palabek Kal Health Clinic in Uganda, Oct 18, 2009. Natural Fire 10 is a humanitarian and disaster relief exercise that will enhance participants’ capabilities to work together in response to complex humanitarian emergencies. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Samara Scott/Released)

When your doctor asks what your trouble is, do you always tell him the whole story? Perhaps some details seem too trivial to mention, but oftentimes there are outlying factors you may not even recognize that contribute to how you’re feeling. Now there’s a new book to help doctors pay closer attention to the context of your life called Listening for What Matters.  Read more of this post