Dick Nunis’s ‘Walt’s Apprentice’ Should Be Read, Savored, and Shared [REVIEW]

People walking around Disney Castle
People walking around Sleeping Beauty Castle. (Photo by Juan Mendez on Pexels.com)

Walt Disney is celebrated around the world as one of the biggest dreamers who ever lived. But he didn’t make all of his dreams come true on his own. He surrounded himself with others who could help build and operate every part of his Magic Kingdom. In Walt’s Apprentice, we meet one such Disney legend. And no, we’re not talking about Mickey Mouse (although he did play a sorcerer’s apprentice in 1940’s Fantasia). Rather, we’re referencing Dick Nunis, the man who learned at the master’s knee and worked his way up through the company. Now, he pulls back the curtain and reveals what he learned during his tenure at Disney, and how those hard-won insights can empower all of us beyond the gates of Disneyland Resort.

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Debbie Mason Takes Readers On an Upbeat, Emotional Journey to Harmony Harbor [REVIEW]

Handsome man

Sometimes even the most charismatic men have demons to slay. (Photo courtesy Canva)

A charming shopkeeper. A powerful businessman. A proposition that could make or break them both. When the cards are on the table, only one of them will walk away victorious. Discover who holds the winning hand in Debbie Mason’s latest heartwarming Harmony Harbor romance.
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