Why Parents Should Teach Children to Wash Their Hands [VIDEO]

Boys washing hands

Teaching children to wash their hands often will keep them happy and healthy. (Photo by WoodleyWonderWorks, Flickr)

During cold and flu season, every teacher and family I know with young children gets sick. It seems inevitable. Some pestilence or another sweeps through schools and households like one of the plagues of Egypt, and both educators and parents are left wondering what they can possibly do to keep well. The answer is simple: teach children to wash their hands.  Read more of this post

‘A Mother’s Love Will Stay’ [POEM]

Mother Son Beach

A mother’s love lasts forever. (Photo by Eduardo Merille, Flickr)

I’ve been blessed to know some very special women in my life, women who were moms not only to their own children, but also mother figures to their children’s friends. One such woman, Nelda, was my friend Paul’s mom. From the time I was a young boy, she was always there, proud and nurturing to her three sons, who she watched grow up, get married, and become fathers themselves. Sadly, death claimed her almost five years ago, much too soon. But I always admired her loving spirit, her kindness, and her devotion to her family. Mothers like Nelda, my own mom Darcy, and countless others like them inspired me to write this poem. I hope you enjoy it. Read more of this post

Esperanza Hurley Shines in Wyatt Hamilton’s ‘Harvey’ [VIDEOS]

When you’re a creative, something magical happens when an artist gets to work in their favorite medium. For our niece, Esperanza Hurley, this happens when she steps on stage to perform like she did in last weekend’s “Harvey.”  Read more of this post

Ann DeVito’s ‘Dog Love’ Artistically Captures Man’s Best Friend [REVIEW]

Dog trio

Regardless of the breed, dogs bring lots of love into our lives. (Photo by Julie, Leon G, and Eran Finkle/Flickr)

If dogs are among some of your lifelong friends, you are going to love Ann DeVito’s Dog Love, a gorgeously illustrated volume that pays homage to our favorite canine companions.  Read more of this post

Open Your Heart To A Child And Reap The Rewards

Friends at Husky Stadium in Seattle

Friends at Husky Stadium in Seattle. (Photo courtesy Dana Styber, Flickr)

Heather and I have never made any secret about the fact that we would love to adopt children. We are nurturers at heart, and we’ve always envisioned ourselves ending up on a big homestead with hordes of adopted children and grandchildren visiting us on special occasions. It’s our dream really. But anytime we bring the idea up in mixed company, we’re met with everything from praise to shock and sometimes, horror. Read more of this post