Make Your Child Pretty As A Princess With Kid Safe Nail Polish

First manicure

Make your child’s first manicure a safe one with edible nail polish. (Photo by Pauline Rosenberg, Flickr)

Little girls love to play dress up, and that oftentimes includes putting on mommy’s nail polish. Now you can indulge your child’s fashion sense by providing a safe alternative to chemical-based products they may be too young to wear.

Most polishes contain artificial pigments and acrylates polymer which kids consume if they suck their fingers or bite their nails. With four young kids, husband-and-wife team Audrey Amara and Josh Kroot had seen their little ones try to eat everything imaginable, including nail polish.

Although they learned to overlook most things, the idea of their children eating chemicals didn’t thrill them, so they worked hard to develop a truly edible polish. That’s why they created Kid Licks, a company that produces organic kid-safe polishes made from veggies, plants, and fruit.

Now little girls can put on all the polish they want in bright colors like Barley Grass Green, Beet Red and Sour Carrot Orange. Best of all, there are no harsh fumes to contend with and parents don’t have to fret over their little ones inhaling harsh fumes.

Kid Licks organic edible nail polishes

Kid Licks nail polishes currently come in three yummy colors: beet red, sour carrot orange and barley grass green. (Photo courtesy Kid Licks)

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