One Couple Turns Lemons into Lemonade in Miranda Liasson’s ‘The Sweetheart Fix’ [REVIEW]

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In the small town of Blossom Glen, Indiana, life has given two disparate people plenty of problems. In his case, he is finding it difficult to unify a community since the town folk don’t particularly seem to like him. And when it comes to her, she may lose her dream job if she can’t get the locals to forget her past. Will the two of them be able to join forces and turn lemons into lemonade? Or are they both destined for failure? Find out in Miranda Liasson’s The Sweetheart Fix.

Miranda Liasson's THE SWEETHEART FIX
Entangled: Amara

Juliet Montgomery is one of those people everyone seems to like. Maybe it’s because she grew up in Blossom Glen. Or perhaps it’s because the locals remember what a precocious little girl she was. She just wishes they remembered her for her skills as a couples’ counselor rather than for her own failed attempts at romance. But having been engaged two and a half times without ever getting to the altar does result in lots of watercooler gossip, especially after her last relationship ended so spectacularly. As a result, her boss is making her take a step back from her clients and regroup.

Mayor Jack Monroe is smart, handsome, and a real Texas cowboy. And while he may be organized and astute when it comes to handling town business, he doesn’t exactly have the soft skills needed to make many friends in the community. In fact, he fears they might just hate him, which doesn’t bode well for an elected official. But when Jack sees how well the community responds to Juliet’s meddling ways and unconventional wisdom, he sees a rare opportunity to cash in on her talents at bringing people together. Perhaps hiring her to be his beautiful right hand could be mutually beneficial to them both, if they can stop annoying each other long enough to get any work done.

In this second installment of Liasson’s engaging Blossom Glen series, she reminds us that opposites really do attract. Whether or not they are able to survive working together is another issue. Both Juliet and Jack are delightful in their own ways, and their constant banter makes for a humorous, frequently laugh-out-loud story that keeps us turning pages with glee.

This story has so much charm, I don’t recall feeling so enamored by two characters since the last time I watched Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in a Nora Ephron movie (and that’s been a while!). These characters simply ring true, primarily because they each have their fair share of flaws, which just succeeds in making them that much more human. But despite their imperfections, they both are good people who want to make the best of a bad situation. In so doing, they improve the lives of everyone around them, including their own. If you need a pick me up, get a copy of The Sweetheart Fix. Jack and Juliet will steal your heart and leave a smile on your face, and you may just find yourself hoping Liasson’s next book in the series lands on store shelves sooner than anticipated.

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About the author

Miranda Liasson is a bestselling author whose heartwarming and humorous romances have won numerous accolades and have been praised by Entertainment Weekly for the way she “deals with so much of what makes life hard…without ever losing the warmth and heart that characterize her writing.”

She believes we can handle whatever life throws at us just a little bit better with a laugh.

A proud native of Northeast Ohio, she and her husband live in a neighborhood of old homes that serves as inspiration for her books.

Miranda loves to hear from readers! Visit her online at She also invites readers to subscribe to her mailing list and follow her on FacebookTwitterInstagramGoodreads, and BookBub.

By Miranda Liasson
352 pp. Entangled: Amara. $8.99

Miranda Liasson
Miranda Liasson
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  1. deanne01 says:

    This is a delightful book and I enjoyed it as well. Wonderful review. This is such a fun series.

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