Author Emma Lynden Makes Her Mark with Sweet Debut Novel, ‘The Holiday Plan’ [EXCERPT]

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Before we met, we both had our share of bad romances. Any time we were coming out of one of those, it usually took us a minute to find our footing and try again. So, we totally relate to the heroine in Emma Lynden’s debut romance, where a writer decides she wants to skip an upcoming holiday altogether to simply find her muse and recharge her batteries. But as usually happens, things don’t entirely go her way. We hope you enjoy this excerpt from The Holiday Plan.J&H

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This wasn’t how twenty-nine was supposed to feel.

Verona Scott had made a solemn pact on her birthday that the last year of her twenties was going to be one of her best. All the pieces had seemed to be in place. She’d been in the process of writing what she was sure would be another best-selling book—the one that would make up for the lackluster sales and reviews of her most recent titles. And she’d felt certain this would be the year that Alex proposed and she’d start planning her wedding. She’d written down all her hopes and goals, had the timing arranged to a tee.

But, apparently, the universe had missed the memo. Barely six months into her thirtieth year, the second part of the dreamscape she’d spun had unraveled.

Verona buried the box of bridal inspiration, which she’d accidentally stumbled upon when hunting for her favorite sweater, deep inside the bottom drawer of her desk, sealing it away out of sight. She’d been so ready to begin that next chapter with Alex. To settle down and start a family… But what she’d hoped were wedding bells chiming in the not-too-distant future had turned out to be an alarm siren tripped by her boyfriend in his rush out the door.

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“This book is guaranteed to leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling that will carry you well beyond the holiday and into the next one.”

USA Today Bestselling Author, Jenny Hale

From one of the freshest new voices in clean and wholesome romantic fiction, The Holiday Plan is the perfect escape for fans of Courtney Walsh, Annie Rains, and Debbie Mason.

Harpeth Road Press

Native New Yorker and author Verona Scott is battling heartbreak, both personally and professionally. Coming off a disastrous split with her ex, she’s struggling for inspiration to write her next book. And she’s lost without her favorite Aunt Theoni’s wisdom and guidance. 

Hoping for a fresh start and to avoid the holiday completely, she’s planned a Valentine’s detox: a luxurious trip alone to the historic Courtington Castle hotel, near the adorably quaint town of Camelot Creek, tucked into a picturesque valley in the Adirondacks. 

But escaping the heart-shaped balloons and red roses isn’t as easy as she thought. 

This won’t be the restful retreat she’d imagined. Instead, she’s just walked into one of the biggest matchmaking events of the year. Not to mention, the incredibly attractive single dad and dating coach Troy Turner is heading the whole thing up, and he’s on a mission to include Verona in the festivities. 

Troy is in the midst of a professional crisis of his own. After a bit of unfounded bad press, the very last thing he needs is a guest to cast doubt in the minds of his attendees. 

Will Troy change Verona’s mind about the most romantic day of the year? Just when sparks begin to fly, an unexpected visitor checks into the castle, stirring up the past. No matter what, for Verona, Valentine’s Day is the day where everything changes.

A heartwarming, sweet romance that will whisk you away to a magical winter wonderland and have you reaching for the hot cocoa and box of chocolates long after the holidays. 

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Growing up you could always spot Emma Lynden with her nose in a book, drawn towards uplifting fiction full of hope and heart, and frequently imagining stories of her own. It was then that her dream of becoming a writer first took root.

But it wasn’t until years later, when a close friend chanced to remark, “I bet you could write a really nice romance,” that those long-tucked-away dreams finally found the direction they’d been destined for.

When she’s not spinning sweet stories about family, friendship, and finding true love, you can usually catch Emma enjoying the great outdoors, capturing the beauty of everyday life behind her camera lens, or curling up with her latest read.

For more information, visit or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Emma Lynden
Emma Lynden
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By Emma Lynden
304 pp. Harpeth Road Press. $10.99

Purchase The Holiday Plan direct from Jathan & Heather Books or from one of these other fine online retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Hudson Booksellers, IndieBound, Powell’s, or Walmart.

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