Sarah Bailey’s ‘Into The Night’ Keeps Us Guessing Every Step of the Way [REVIEW]

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One of Melbourne’s newest detectives must discover a murder victim’s best kept secrets to solve the crime. (Photo courtesy Canva)

A renowned celebrity. A shocking murder. The detective on the case must discover who among the victim’s entourage is friend or foe. But will she be able to figure it all out before the killer strikes again? Find out in Sarah Bailey’s new high-octane suspense novel, Into the Night.

Sarah Bailey's INTO THE NIGHT
Grand Central

All of us are faced with tough choices every day, big and small. When Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock realizes her marriage can’t be saved, she makes one of the big decisions and takes a job in Melbourne to start fresh, even if she must leave her young son Ben behind with his father.

Devastated but determined, she soon wonders if she has stepped out of the frying pan and into the fire, especially where her new partner, Detective Sergeant Nick Fleet, is concerned. Although new jobs are always tricky to navigate, it seems like Fleet has a stick up his bum from day one and she has no idea why. Even as she tries to figure out her colleague, she must also solve the murder of a homeless man whom she finds herself relating to on a very alarming level.

As if all that isn’t enough to keep her busy, soon Woodstock and Fleet are on the case of a second murder as well, that of up-and-coming actor Sterling Wade. The thespian is killed in broad daylight while filming an action sequence on location on a closed-off city street. With no idea who committed the crime and too many suspects to count, it seems like the detectives may never solve the case, at least until they realize both men had secrets that someone was willing to kill to keep.

Bailey’s writing shines as she delves beneath her characters’ personal dilemmas. In fact, she does such a great job we can actually feel Gemma’s anxiety and uncertainty as if it were our own. I particularly thought Bailey did a stellar job conveying Woodstock’s desire to constantly make the right choice, both on the job and at home. The result is a novel that is both authentic and realistic. After all, all any of us can do is our very best each day, and hopefully we learn enough from our past, we can build our future. It’s something I found myself constantly wanting to whisper in Gemma’s ear.

That aside, Bailey also crafts one heck of a whodunnit. And as we try to solve the crime alongside Woodstock and Fleet, we soon realize that neither of them seems to have anyone they can truly trust, and neither do the deceased, particularly since appearances are almost always deceiving!

As Bailey builds suspense with each turn of the page, she deftly reminds us that we are at her mercy and that a truly great villain will not be caught until the writer decides it is time. If you’re looking for a book that keeps you chomping at the bit and guessing every step of the way, you won’t want to miss Sarah Bailey’s Into The Night.

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Sarah Bailey
Sarah Bailey (Photo by Alise Black Photographic Studios)


Sarah Bailey is the bestselling author of Where the Dead Go and Into the Night. Her debut novel, The Dark Lake, won both the 2018 Davitt Award for Best Crime Debut and the 2018 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Crime.

She has a degree in journalism and a career in advertising. She is currently the managing partner at the creative agency VMLY&R Melbourne.

She was born in Melbourne, Australia, where she has lived all her life and currently resides with her two young sons.

To find out more, visit, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

By Sarah Bailey
416 pp. Grand Central. $26.

Purchase Into the Night direct from Jathan & Heather’s Beach Reads Book Shop or from one of these other fine online retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Half Price Books, IndieBound, or Powell’s.

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